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I find it hilarious reading these as it shows you just how disturbed a person can get over a simple fishing website {even though it does have it's flaws}. Sure one can post a bogus report without being logged in but that's all they can do, they can't post on a topic and I imagine that infuriates them to the point where they are so lonesome from being banned that they make these childish yet hilarious fishing reports.

Doesn't matter one bit who it is though as their still funny and I kinda hope they continue as there's nothing like a good read while enjoying the morning coffee. Keep up the good work whoever you are.

I also find it amazing that they stick around and do this type of thing. Usually a person who has sooooo much negativity towards a website would just go away right ??. Goes to show ya how mentally challenged they really are.

@ OldGregg

You should have logged off before making that bogus fishing report buddy {Tamahi Rapids October 21st}. Is it just coincidence how this report ranks right up there with the other bogus ones done by Anonymous and dicknick ?? I see very little difference amongst them all, minus the homophobic chit chat that is. Maybe you had a "normal" moment in time when you wrote this one ?? Anyway, I imagine the OldGregg and dicknick accounts will be tossed regardless.

I posted it as a reply to the other bogus reports....

besides Bentley you sure got a lot to gripe about, why don't you throw a report or two up?

I wouldn't call it griping at all and although I don't submit any fishing reports since I've been a member {my prerogative}, I have mentioned many times over the years where I have fished, what time of year I fished, what I have used in way of gear/set up and what the outcome was, also with the addition of pics on many of them as well. I had to remove a lot of my pics as there was a negligent copy and paste a-hole around here for a while and I seemed to be one of his favorites as well, just like in these bogus reports.

Regardless of what your objective was you neglected to leave any sign of you being a kidder or replying in jest of the other bogus reports when making yours. All you basically did was make yourself look like another twit who likes to post bullshit, so congrats on that.

In regards to the newest bogus report,

Doesn't he know that everybody can and always has been able to see everything without being a logged in member ????

Poor guy thinks he's outsmarting people on here, "it's old news clown", just like knowing you can post reports without having to log in. Hopefully one day he'll learn that.

my thoughts exactly. when I read his report I thought, we have anonymous but he was too stupid to sign off first. I also do not file reports. I never fish lakes/rivers on the list and , as with yourself prefer to report my adventures on the forum. I contribute a great deal and help anyone I can ( I usually stick to my area but I did fish down at the coast for my first 30 years so can help some )just like you do Bently. we may not always be nice but we try to contribute to the site. . the suggestion that not making reports is not contributing is total bs.
if the member was trying to make fun of the idiots posting bogus reports all he did was jump into their ranks. if you want to be a member then do your part to make this a better site. do not join forces with those who want to ruin it.

The constant homosexual banter is a clear sign that this person clearly struggles with his sexuality. Likely some history there. I would have thought it was a teen, not an "old" guy. Just need to have it so no reports unless signed in. I guess no multiple accounts is asking too much. Could use ip monitoring.
Another forum I used to frequent that improved greatly when no anon emails could be used to sign up, from your internet provider only. Cut down on most all the problem people....
sharphooks moderator

the person or people who are having so much fun posting all of the non-reports are not in any way affecting the ones they are "after". some of the targets are the site owner, myself and members Bently and Cagey. I am sure Bently and Cagey are really hurt by all of this and will obviously be driven away by it. Am I correct guys? I know it does nothing to make me want to abandon this site. as some members have stated it is a good place to visit even if it is just to laugh at certain idiots ! some people find the site to be of great assistance as they learn the joys of the great sport of fishing. others enjoy the conversations which take place with helpful hints etc.
the problem this person or persons has that causes them to perform such childish acts is beyond belief. why they want to waste so much time acting stupid is beyond me.
if they have a point to make why don't they have enough guts to sign in and say it. the site is far from perfect and i may not be the best moderator but as i have always said, the site, Sharphooks, is what you make it. if anyone really has reason to dislike something they are free to go away and leave the rest alone to enjoy talking about fishing.

check the IP addresses to see who makes these reports. I only made the one as a joke (and it was quite obvious come on Bently, you know how the rapids are!). I would only make a report under my log in cause I can handle the abuse!

now lets go fishing!

Although your fish emoticons were on the UP side of the bridge at Tamahi there are still numerous unethical anglers that DO plop and pull coho after coho in the way you described, you can watch them actually fight over the two or three seams that are close to shore when the water level is to their liking.

As for the report itself,

I understand and do believe now that you were only joking so I'll apologize. I do however think that it wasn't the best call on your behalf though but that's just my take on it, nothing more, so lets just carry on shall we.

Since I refuse to make a bogus report just so I can answer the fool in regards to a regulation, I'll do it here instead.

To Anonymous, AKA ball-less

Since I have never ever bought roe from a commercial source I'll ask you to zoom in on the part I quoted out of the regs where it mentions the freshly dressed fish in your possession, and just so you know those fish were retained by my wife and I over 2 days dummy {2 each the first day and 1 for her the second} no more was needed after that.

I suggest you read the regs again before trying that crap as I basically know the friggin things blindfolded compared to you ya stupid little man.

... you must not have more than 1 kg of
roe (fish eggs) in your possession for use
as bait unless the roe was obtained from a
commercial source that lawfully obtained
that roe, "or you have in your possession
the freshly dressed fish from which the
roe in excess of 1 kg was taken." Carry
a receipt with you if you purchased roe
from a commercial source.

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