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Does anyone fish the wider, deeper areas of the Vedder or other rivers by boat? I have a Boston Whaler Sport which can be launched in shallow ramps and is a great, well equipped fishing boat. I've fished the upper Columbia with it and it put me into holes the shore fellows couldn't reach. I can fish from shore just as well and it has its own advantages....just wondering if anyone on the web has tried the boat angle???

fishing in the mouth of vedder (confluence with fraser) is popular in summer (red springs) and in the fall (coho). though i haven't heard much about similar steelhead fishing in winter. why not?

Because it's an awkward place to fish and unlike the other Salmonids Steelhead are few and far between.
You could sit there in a freezing boat for days and never catch anything but a cold.

Better to sit in the boat freezing cold than any other activity I can think of on a day off. If I work the current instead of anchoring, I might get lucky. If not, it won't be the first time. Thanks guys for your input and I know now that I'll give it a try in the spring for Chinook. Maybe next month, cold or not, for whatever. This time of year, even a carp on ultra-light would be welcome for an area newcomer.

Do you have downriggers?
If so trailer to Horseshoe Bay then head over to the other side of Bowen Island-Tunstall Bay on the flood and farther north on the ebb.(pick a warm day of course)
Lots of Spring Salmon being taken these days-fish right on the bottom.
No flashers needed just smaller spoons like a Diamond Lance or Gibbs Gypsy as shown .
Talk to Calvin @ Nikka in Steveston he'll show you what you need-spoons are cheap too.

Thanks for the tip. I sold my larger whaler with two downriggers and haven't rigged for my new boat as yet. I love the Scotty manual (work) horizontal mount; a little old fashion, but I've used them on the other boat for 24 years and even in Mexico during the winters. I'll check the water out and give it a try in better weather. Thanks again. Are you familiar with the water and area???? Do you get seasick??

Well I just posted a long answer but something happened.
Anyway it's the cold run over/back to the 'other side' of Bowen that hurts-never been seasick locally.

There's also English Bay that holds small Springs this time of year-easy to fish because you need to have your cannon balls right on the bottom and there's no rock to deal with off Spanish Banks just mud/sand.Launch @ Burrard Civic Marina beside the Bridge.

If you're looking for a winter fishing partner drop me an email I'd be happy to show you what I know/throw in for gas.

Hi Rodbreaker:

Thanks for the info. Being new in the area, I haven't been able to meet someone who likes to fish. As I explained in my last entry, I sold my large Boston Whaler when I left Mexico and bought a 14 foot Whaler Sport, which is a great lake boat with lots of room for it's side. I would not, however, take it out into the kind of water I took the 22. What kind of water are we talking about? Years ago, I fish Swiftsure hole for halibut and my 22 was the only reason we made it back. Two boats were lost that day as a squall really kicked it up.

I have a head injury (accident) to see about first. Perhaps, after that we might talk a little more about a trip. I have a lot of boating experience so respect the element and know limitations when required. My boat has a 40 hp Merc and a very fine electric kicker. The electric is great on lakes. I'll be in touch if the head injury allows me out. If not, there is still spring and summer.
Sounds like you really like the game also.....solid strikes
and screaming drags for your next trip.

just browsing around as usual but i felt i should reply.
My boat is basically identical to yours except i have the 13.8 sport and I've taken it out there, you just to pick your days, meaning a GOOD ONE. Basically as long as the winds are calm your alright as long as you've got a head on your shoulders to use when necessary, LOL.
anyway all the best, good luck and keep them reels screaming. Here's a tip if your in the mission area give the stave river (lower) a try you'll be glad you did, great cutties av size 14-18 inches but great little crappers.
Louis Vuitton

How do yo access the Stave. I've been to it, near the damn, but it looked really scary. The current and what not. I fly fish, and was at Rolley with a friend (so many 'bows in there!) and stopped by the Stave near the damn. I want to fish this river one time, especially if its as good as you say for cutties, but I dont know where, or how or what. Any help would be awesome!

Tight Lines

go accross dam and there is a park on the other side fish in the big pool where the fisheries boat launch is, however, that's not the best place.
If travelling the hwy coming from maple ridge turn right on wilson rd, go past the shake and shingle pub until you get to the first trailer park (on the right) go to the second entrance where you will see a sign stating some laundrymat, turn in there and at the end near the river there is a couple spots to park, head down to the river, once there you will see several large boulders in the river basically cast in between them, always, always cutties in there , if you have kids there is a bit of a pool on the left you will see the spot, just a float and worm is all that is needed to keeep the kids happy, good luck , and i hope these direstions make sence to ya, if youve been to rolley then i'm sure you know the spot i'm talkin about, during coho season the mouth is the place to be where the train and aut bridges are, also good in june to catch the early spring as they like to ( flush their gills in the fresh water on the way up)
Louis Vuitton

Thanks alot! Yeah, your directions make perfect sense. Im from Tsawwassen, and its quite the treck for me to drive, but Rolley is well worth it. I'll check out the Stave sometime when i got time and money.

Tight lines!

hows the crabing out that way

Ruskin Park is the little park on the side by the dam.
Watch that nothing is showing in your vehicle though. It's a popular spot for car thieves I lost a bunch of gear last year there when I left it in my car.
lots of little trout. great when the salmon are running.
Louis Vuitton

If your asking me about the crabbing, I have no idea. I dont crab. I really should start though, they taste good.

Anyways, tight lines

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