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Forgive me as I am totally new to boating and fishing the local area (or any boating area) but I have a boat moored at Captians cove in ladner, and have twice tried to boat out to the ocean and both times had to turn back due to really bad white caps and choppy water, today i got about 300 yards from the final bouys at the ocean. My question is this, is this water always super rough? I put my boat in at north van to fish capilano mouth and had no issues but as soon as I get past steveston in south fraser things go real bad real fast, the wind wasnt high, no warnings out, so is this just a bad stretch of water or should I be going out the south way from captains cove?

Any help is greatly appreciated, today was so hairy I fear if I dont try again in next few days I will be too chicken to attempt again.

Ohh my boat is a 2052 trophy which I just got today, my other boat was an aluminum 19 foot but we found it too light and loud on the ocean.

Ya be careful there! Strong tides and a lil wind can make that place really snotty, good fishing but not worth going for a swim, if its blowing a little I don't bother... Anchor up have a beer and catch a couple sturgys

Have you boated on the ocean much at all before? What is your experience on boats?
With a 20' you should have no problem. We get out there in a 16ft harborcraft all the time. But yet again we set lines down in 10- 12ft swells as well. But we both are pretty calm and have lots of experience on boats. I wouldn't suggest it for all, go to where your comfortable, but if your not used to the ocean it can seem intimidating at first.

Take a Power and Sail Squadron course. It'll be money well spent and might save your life one day....

You are right about that area, it can be lumpy.
Usually it's due to hard falling tide combined with a south/ southeast wind or a ground swell from winds the night before.Just because there is no wind warning, doesn't mean it won't be lumpy .Under the right conditions 10 knts or a swell is all it takes.
I don't recommend going out canoe pass as it'll probably have similar conditions, plus it can be a bit of a maze at low tide
Next time you check the weather online, click on weather conditions.It'll tell you what's happening at sandheads , not the forecast
Bottom line- avoid a hard falling tide and a southerly wind

It is usually better past the lightship

Thanks to all that took the time to respond, I have a 1.7 litre diesel in my trophy, so its only putting 120hp out, and my aluminum 19 ft only has 90hp 4 stroke, but thats faster as its so light. both have full GPS and I bought the chart chips so that helps with depth.

In the end I have found out what happened, we left to very light wind, by time we got to the last straight it had picked up to 18, my inexperience was the problem, could my boat handle it? probably but my ass shouldnt have gone out with out checking the sandhead wind report, i definitly know that now. I am going to try one more time before giving up and signing up at the new marina in marpole, figured that might be better for year round fishing anyway.

Again thanks all for the advice.

Fishing forum > Boating the South fraser to ocean for fishing


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