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do not even bother reading the report Chehalis-Logging Bridge. our friend anonymous is at it again.
Mod man get rid of this douche bag .

this site is a joke. How can this bs even be allowed when other shit gets deleted?

The guy is a total loser.

oh yeah he forgot to mention how he also puts dicks in his mouth!

yeah i started to write a topic about it but found myself thinking "why?" The owners of the site really need to make some changes that will not allow or catch these things before damage is done.....way too often on this site crap like that slides through for so long.
1. reports should not be anonymous.
2. Things like that are an immediate ban. (IP/Email) A person is only going to come back so many times under a different computer/email log in before he/she gets bored/sick of it or just tired of having to continuously create new accounts.
3. Better moderation.....this one I know is a tough one though as most mods only do the moderating as a favor of sorts and do what they can when they are available to actually go online and moderate. And then there the problem of sometimes having a TON of posts to go through on a regular basis and trying to fairly moderate sometimes tough posts.

Either way, something more definitely needs to be done if this site ever is to have a chance at being anything more than "entertainment" as you can call it at times, lol. I mean I would almost put money on it that this site sees traffic comparable to some of the other popular fishing sites but yet sees probably 1/100th of posts...and unfortunately theres just too many reasons for that on here as it stands.
Drift max

I only read the report because of this post....i laughed. Smokin, glad to see your alive
sharphooks moderator

hello members. I will see what I can do about banning the member, anonymous. believe it or not, I have been banned from the site and unable to post ! it took a while to fix.

Yeah that is stupid but you should just ignore it if you can for now. I got a laugh out of his fishing method. "trolling". He is wasting his own time really. Not to mention over the internet. He obviously has a pathetic life to do something like this. The jokes on him!

1 star vote for your report, sir

Have to say he's not entirely wrong

I guess it's fair to say that Anonymous has come out of the closet. hehehe !!

Can't ya tell the poor little guy's lonely, maybe we should buy him a pet gerbal, lollol

you know Bently, if you follow this forum closely you get to recognize certain people, even when they "come back " under a different name. there have actually been a couple of ex members who have been taking part in the recent attempts to ruin this site. one I am very confident I recognize. I kind of thought he would eventually do something like this. the know it all who had no respect for anyone's opinion. he was superior to all other members. amazingly I never saw him contribute anything . now he wants to try to ruin this for everyone. he is wrong though. anyone with any brains just laughs at him. ( I admit I let him get to me until I figured things out . stupid of me ). he, along with the copycats sure are a laugh . daily entertainment as you say.

Yuup, no matter who he/she/they are, their definitely amusing.

It could be a number of old members that were tossed, I really don't care, but to continue with their homophobic behavior just shows me that they are most definitely of that origin.........hence the gerbal, lollol.

they will need to go get a funnel for the gerbil,hamster or whatever rodent they prefer. Or did richard gere use a hose? cant recall....

By the sounds of this guy he just wants one with sharp claws!

I just feel sorry for the younger kids that end up reading his BS.

Fishing forum > he has to go.


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