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The luck has continued for me . Approached the first run and noticed the dip in the lower level . The red roe went through the run only to get attacked by another feisty jack about 3 or 4 pounds kinda bronze coloured so i offered it to the angler next to me and kindly accepted . I hit the canal and guys are hitting pinks but they seem as their bite is off . I thought the day mightve been done but decided to hit another run further up , 30 mins into it a missed the takedown ( thats the problem nice chunk sized roe but only a size 4 hook it will hookup about half the time i think because the hook size) , another 30 passed and hooked into this nice doe it felt about 16 pounds . Im still unsure to keep these stinky springs for myself . Dropped it off at my uncles and the auntie quickly fried up a couple steaks , i only managed to eat a small sized steak but not half bad actually the way she prepared it .

nice fish. I prefer red springs but a white that fresh should be just fine.
stink finger

If you kill it take it home and eat it then maybe you will let the next one go

Thanks cagey , i like to make my family and friends happy by giving them a fish . Who doesnt like a nice wild pacific salmon ?

smoke the white springs

I think you got a better chance to hookup on the lower part of the vedder , although i am unfamiliar with the vedder above freds . I think the water level is a little low and only a few adult springs will hit the river . I just got lucky yesterday and now ill wait for the next weeks rain . But yes , nice roe , small hook and 8lb line is the ticket , maybe even fluorocarbon when the water is this clear now

No fish above vedder crossing, you will only catch fish in the lower part. I always go up there hike in and walk and wade for a couple hours and never get anything, but I always go back for some strange reason. :D So best thing to do is stay in the lower portion of the river.

Caught over 60 pinks on the vedder yesterday.
LITERALLY every single cast.
So fresh ones too

Why are there white and red springs? Aren't they in same family? The white springs meat aren't reddish?

Actually there is no "mouth" of the Vedder. The Vedder ends at the confluence with the Sumas River just north of the #1 freeway bridge. From there to where it joins the Fraser is known as the Sumas River.

Actually on the vedder where I was fishing, like 50 of them were hooked right on the mouth and maybe only 10 were snagged. Went out again from 6-8 pm today and caught 16, but they are starting to get coloured up. The next weekend is probably the last week for the somewhat fresh ones
Just a Fishing Guy

@ Goin Fishin - I get really tired of getting to a spot and finding 10 other guys already there, but it's probably because I don't know the less popular areas.
Can I ask you what other area are good to fish, with a little hike in?
Zap brannigan

There Reds and whites because there's 2 different strains stocked there, the summer reds are from the interior and the whites from the Harrison, there's also a native strain of reds in the fall, very few and far between those and most are bred with whites and turn out marbled.

I would have to say thats the mouth of the river the sumas canal doesnt mean squat because it flows into it,just like every river always creeks and sloughs run into them,i seen you young fellas went by me at the train bridge i was anchored i got the majority of my fish just below the train bridge.

Great time to take your kids out fishing. Teach a kid to fish!

Any updates on the water conditions? Would the lower or upper be better? Thanks

Lower. Bergman, KW, No3 for chinook and coho.

Vedder on thurs 26th. Managed to land even tho the pink snaggers tried to get tangled with me, When I hollered at the guy 8 ft away not to cast while I have fish on he told me to grow up that I had lots of room. I dont need to repeat what I said next. Released.Was very strong and bigger than it looks in

nice fish, whatcha catch it on?

got it on a colorado under a float. Absolutely smashed it.

nice, goes to show you that people catch springs on something other then roe.

honestly, I dont like roe, unless my buddy, who loves to use it gets up a few fish on me I will go to it, but wool and spinners work for me, maybe not as many fish as some roe pros, but least im not pink and stinky. I do use spawn sacs tho....

spawn sacs are nice and not as dirty. Do you float wool, the same way as roe?

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