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Ok so I know you guys are gunna laugh your ass off at me but be nice :p
I got over confident today in my trucks abilities and went full tard when launching my boat and got stuck bbad, I still am stuck down off orchard road still waiting for a tow truck haha so don't be like me check the ground out before you launch the fraser!



damnnnn, theres a big oops and a wee err in judgement, lol.....maybe just me but I don't think I would have needed to get out and check the ground there to know better than to try and drive/launch in a spot like that! lol ;-p

Looks like it may have been tidal as well...could have been a much higher bill other than a tow had the tide been coming in, lol!.....did you at least get to slay some fish for your troubles?

Hopefully it wasn't too bad and there was no real damage done (well other than a bit to the ego I guess, lol) And good on ya for having a good enough sense of haha to find some humor in it and being able to essentially just laugh it off....most would not even admit to something like that let alone take pics/post about it and laugh it off!....just remember to use better judgement next time, lmao!

It was a free pull out from bcaa thank god I'm a member :p hey if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at, while I was really excited to get out onto the water and tried launching in another spot but I was like 10 feet into the river and I didn't wanna get stuck so I saw that spot was the deepest and of coarse was like I got lockers ill be ok :p ya no o well first time getting stuck while launching and I'm sure it won't be the last. Haha well atleast alone, I know if my wife was with me she wouldn't have let me go there

Ha well I'm far from a city slicker as you say, I know wheeling done a lot of it with my old truck, just got a little cocky and over excited to get on the water ;p haha hope yall get a good laugh out of it happens to the best of us at times just one of those days after I was finally ready to. Go fishing I look and my boats 30 feet off shore floting away so I had to swim after it, I woke up on the wroong side of the bed this mornin I guess

I know for sure it can happen, Done it myself at that very launch area. I had a 1ton dually, the last dually I will ever own Ill note. Also the last non 4WD truck I ever bought too, I didnt sink in I just couldnt get traction with those 4 useless wheels...
Some guy with a little Ford ranger pulled me out in 2 min. I will say its easier to laugh when you have BCAA but when I had it im sure they didnt cover offroad tows....

Funniest thing Ive seen was 10 yr ago a hero thinking he would drive out to peg leg with a minivan. Water was over his wheels and when he got stuck he filled up.
He waited for hours to get pulled out and Ill never forget the laugh we had when we were leaving and we walked by and the poor bugger was using a rock and a big nail to punch holes in his floor to drain the remaining water.
Maybe had to be there but it was funny....

Well i've never done it launching a boat before, but i have been stuck in much worse while out wheeling. Are you sure that the xterra has lockers? Ive never seen one with them before. And i guess you learnt for next time sand is not the best to launch a boat in.

Funny how every one on this forum all of a sudden turns into a pro wheeler lol

One thing you really need to watch for is tides. Seen it happen at fort langley. some dumbass backed up to haul the boat out at low tide and got himself stuck. Waiting for the tow truck took some time so we all watched as the tide came in and before he knew it the water was getting into the truck.

haven't you ever been stuck roe bandit? or don't you ever go off the pavement?

^^ He gets stuck in the mud all the time cagey. Hehe

Later fellas,

hey Bentley how are you? sure is boring without you. our so called experts don't know much ! besides you pleasant personality drives a few of the jerks away ! come on back !

Ya bentley come on back to sharphooks , the pride of all bc lol

if you have only been stuck once you are missing a lot in life. leave the pavement once in a while. you might learn something . (lol)

with the price of gas I prefer using my quad.
I have access to well over 100 km of logging roads from my doorstep. I guess you poor city slickers don't have that luxury .

From what I can tell Roe Bandit, the majority of your time seems to be spent trolling this fishing forum, running every thread into the ground with your childish remarks.

The boat floated away after I had already had it beached for 2 hours while I was waiting for the tow truck the water levels were slowly coming up so I guess when I was busy with the tow guy it started floating away what a day, haha
O and ya. All offroad edition xterras have elockers after 05

Now I see why ur so fussy about rinsing off your gear. Lol

Good for you having the guts to post this.I think anyone that has spent anytime trailering, boating or driving the backroads , has a story or two

anyone that hasn't been stuck worse than that hasn't lived! i'm not sure if I have ever been stuck going fishing though!
oh, I forgot, Roe Bandit has never been stuck bad. funny, he says he hits all the back roads. (do you really live r.b.?) myself, I've never seen a good back road I couldn't get stuck on!

It could have been worse.

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