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Eagle 1

the salmon you are catching/eating and if they have absorbed radiation from Fukushima? It is still leaking (270,000l per day for at least a year) and there is no fix in sight.

i'm not worried about anything from catching them. I don't man-handle them anyway. and I don't eat much fish.
it is definitely a point though, there's no way that things in the ocean aren't affected by this. but of course, our govt and dof isn't telling us anything.
salmon, tuna, there's lots to be wondering about.

Ive eaten tons of fish and I haven't grown a fourth leg yet so I guess its fine lol

Ba you worry too much a little radiation won't hurt ya! Just builds up that immune system! Makes ya tough :p

it is internal, so I could see it maybe being a little worse. but, we all use cell-phones these days, Bluetooth(which is very, very bad), smart meters, Wi-Fi, etc, etc.
we're all dying anyway. I wouldn't fret one second over some glowing salmon.

heard recently about some serious signs in the salmon in Alaska. they say some are almost glowing green.
lucky for me, i'm more a sport-fisherman. not that I don't like to eat fish, but I usually release almost all my fish.

i'm surprised that the price for a tin of tuna hasn't gone up. I guess that shows that they aren't concerned too much.

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