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Im looking into buying a smoker but Im wondering what brand/model guys like. Im willing to spend up to $200. Are there any ones that guys would suggest for that price or cheaper?

i use a little alright..but if i were to buy another Id go with a propane one..also i hear bradley makes a good one

the little and big chiefs are good for fish and jerky but if you want to smoke say a turkey or some sweet baby back ribs they just don't get hot enough and one usually ends up finishing on the bbq or in the oven.......the bradley digital is a great unit but at around $400....I know costco had one a couple months ago for around 3 I think, digital as well and extra benifit of not having to buy the bradley pucks if one purchases a bradley smoker.....if its just fish and jerky you are after then the chiefs are great and good cost...anything else and I think the digitals are the way to go as you can fully adjust/set temps, better seals, easier cleaning, etc.....also heard good things about the "green egg" smoker (charcoal/briquette style though and one has to watch closely....not so much a beer drinkin smoker, lol)....the father got the costco one (can't remember make) and it is an excellent unit and made some incredible ribs!!

For the amount of fish I smoke in a year, I too am happy with the little chief.
In the winter I place a plywood box over it for a little more heat.

I put the box it came in over it in fires yet..haha

yeh Mike.Iv'e done that too but it gets pretty stinky and doesn't do so well in the rain.

Thanks for the info. I'll most likely pick up a little chief in the next couple days. I'll let you know how my first smoke goes.

Little chief all the way for salmon. Just got done smoking some pink salmon from my catch at Furry. Hmmm Hmmm Good.

Which one is better? The chief or totem for fish?

I find the chief better for fish. I even smoked hamburger patties in there with hickory and then bbq them on the grill. They come out with a nice hickory smoked flavour! I've even done ribs in there.

Hey goin' fishin', I have a "Chief" and I use the following recipe for hickory smoked flavoured hamburgers:


2 regular packages of Ground Beef
2 Eggs
Montreal Steak Seasoning to taste
1 Onion Diced
1/2 Cup of fresh cut Parsley
1 Teaspoon of Paprika
1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder
1 Cup Grated Cheddar Cheese

1. Combine all the ingredients with the meat (Simple!)
2. Form in 1/2 thick patties

Smoking Directions:

1. Grease the smoker racks with some oil
2. Lay out the patties on the oiled racks
3. Soak 1 heaping pan of hickory wood chips in water for about 10 minutes
4. Remove the chips from the water and let them dry out for about 5 minutes
5. Smoke the patties for about 1.5 to 2 hrs.
6. Remove and finish grilling on the BBQ
7. You're done!

I've done baby backs in there but it doesn't work well for big chunks of meat like a roast or something like that. I find you need more heat. The propane ones work better for that because you can trol the heat being applied.

the little and big chiefs just do not get hot enough for a proper "cook" and smoke for anything other than fish and jerky really.....hams/ribs and such will always need finishing on the bbq or in the oven when using the chiefs (can sometimes get away with ribs on a hot day and/or with a good cover insulating the smoker).......can't find my jerky recipe but heres an INCREDIBLY wonderful one for salmon for those interested.......

1. Get Salmon Licence and go fishing, or go to local grocery store and just buy Salmon. Get young salmon, not fat ones they take too long to smoke properly.
2. Buy or grab from grandmas canning stash a 1 gallon glass pickle jar.
3. Clean salmon, and cut into desired size pieces.
4. Wash Salmon and let air dry for 1 hour prior to putting into brine.

Brine Ingredients:
• 3 Cups Water preferable bottled.
• 1 Cup China Lily Soy Sauce China Lily has better flavor,
• 1 Cup Cherry Wine or Juice
• 4-5 Cloves of crushed garlic
• 1 Tsp Onion Powder
• 1 Tsp Ground black pepper
• ¾ Cup Demerara Sugar
• ¼ Cup Course Salt, (Pickling salt)
• 2-3 Drops of Hot Sauce, I use 4-5 drops

Mix Brine in Glass jar
• Mix all dry ingredients together.
• Heat 2 cups of water – add to dry ingredients and stir until all dry dissolved. Hot water dissolves dry powder easier.
• Add all remaining ingredients ensuring the remaining liquids are chilled to cool brine down after powders are dissolved. Then stir for 10 minutes to ensure good mix.
• Add salmon to jar until full; remember to ensure Salmon stays submersed in brine.
Marinate Over night (6-8 Hours)
Remove from jar, rinse in cold water until clean
Place on racks, pat dry with paper towel. Let air dry for 1 hour before smoking.

Preheat Smoker, with wood chips. Approx: 100-140F (Fat Salmon needs more heat)
Spray smoking racks with Pam cooking spray, stops salmon from sticking.
Smoke in Cherry, & Apple wood chips for 6-8 hours. Fat Salmon takes longer because it‘s thicker.
Use small amounts of wood chips, approx- ½ cup Apple/Cherry each per burn.
Turn Salmon after each burn, approximately every 2 Hours.
On last burn, warm up 1 cup of Real Canadian Maple Syrup (Good Luck)
Baste salmon on both sides lightly, then finish smoke cycle.

Remove from smoker, place on clean racks and cool for 1 hour. Then shrink wrap or just eat it.....enjoy!

I work at Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish..cant reveal any top secrets..but on one of your batches try adding maple into your brine a day before you smoke..when at home smoking i like to brine for 2-4 days..also when i rack it up I will sprinkle spice on top...yum yum.. cracked peppercorn or cajon..
if you have the time and space rack up your fish and let it drip off the excess brine..sometimes i will just use paper towel and pat it..

I think my next home batch will be halibut !


these are spring nuggets i tried..mmm good with maple..
pinks make great Indian candy

I'm trying to make some Indian candy with pinks next week! First time, hope it comes out well.

I live in an apartment building that doesn't allow bbq machine, even electric. Wonder if a fish smoker will give out smokes? And does it smell? Wonder if people will complain about fish or woody smells....

Thanks for the heads-up. last thingy I want is to be in homeless shelter with a small baby. Lol

you should build youre own smoker
homemade is way better than anything you can buy in the stores.
check my profile for a smoker building idea, you don't have to go as big as I did, you can scale it down. just build it to the size youre planning on needing

Batch #1

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