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So I went out on the boat today and launched at pourteau cove. The water was very rough and choppy. Got to furry creek and no one caught nothing the whole morning. My dad and I were using spoons and buzz bombs. An hour later I hooked into a female pink which I lost right by the boat, and 10 minutes after that I lost another humpy which was weird because I thought I had a good hook set. There are no fish coming through, every single person on shore which was about 30 - 50 people and every boat, about 5 - 10 boats caught absolutely nothing today. Everyone talks about how last weekend it was ridiculous, you could catch the pinks on anything. My reasoning for that is that a very large school of pinks went through during last weekend. However to make the day better, we went out and caught a bunch of flounder.

So my question is, how do I know when the schools of pinks are coming through. Also, is it better to try furry creek again tomorrow, or head to the Squamish river, and try to float fish or go spinning for some pinks?

I was one of the dudes on the shore. Nothing. Was there from six am till eleven. Same deal yesterday. I even stayed longer yesterday. No idea

My buddy tells me he get them pinks in Sqaumish river now

We left around eleven am today. Was there from six am. Nothing. Just got word from him like two two mins ago. Over fifty fish at the mamquam river. He went first to the squamish river, conservation officer suggested he try the mamquam (check spelling, its in squamish). He said his arms is sooooo sore. LOL

Did he fish lures or floats?


Email me,, for more detail

He tells me he uses 1/2 bell weights, and size 2 single barbless hooks, and spin and glows, pink in color,

He caught over fifty at the Mamquam river

So how would you fish that? Like a bar rig set up, cast out and wait?
Where on the river was he fishing?

That's awesome news, ill be heading out there on Wednesday!
Ive heard anything pink works well.

nice catch ! good to see some of the fly guys getting into fish.

I also was at Furry Creek Saturday morning in my NuCanoe for about 30 minutes.
I think the pinks were there; however, it was way too windy and choppy for anybody (in a boat or on shore) to catch anything. Last weekend when everyone was landing them it was calm.
After Furry Creek we headed up to the Squamish and started fishing at high tide ~8:30am. The water had no clarity and people were foul hooking (by accident) as many as they were catching. About a dozen or more were fly fishing in my spot, I was the only one w/ gear. I hooked one; however, couldn't land it. The water was so dirty they were swimming about 10-15 feet away from us in about 3 feet of water. Everyone was commenting about it and anybody catching anything was hooking them very close to shore.
Furry creek will be good until the end of the month, on calm days.

Came this morning right at five am. Calm calm water. Saw a few jumped. Even saw small school (the rolling actions of the humpies back lol). No bites. Got one but it was a small flounder I think and lost it six feet in front of me.

Another fella joined me on the smooth rock and in two minutes, he caught a male pink with a spoon.

Will try tomo again

I used the good old buzz bombs, which I caught so many two weeks ago on. Naaaa daaaa. Ppl were landing a few on the other distance rock area. But nothing like two or three weeks ago....whcih was pink madness

Going to mamquam this Saturday. Anyone interested in joining me and a buddy? Email me at

Hey fetoid I was there Saturday also my buddies manage to land a few and I lost a few couldn't land them one was due to some a$$ who didn't know the meaning of fish on and didn't even budge.ppl were hooking in to them but everyone it seemed couldn't land them for odd reasons.

I've never fished mamquam. I might join you, Mas, Saturday morning. I'll send you an email later this week, if I can.

Email me yr phone number and we can coordinate from there.

My buddy is someone i had met at fury creek three weeks ago

He is the person i wrote about in this posting, who caught over 50 points

We are planning to meet in Squamish early morning Saturday

He will drive to the spot and i will follow his car

Should be fun.

Ok, I'll know more by late Wednesday.
My plan would be to drive to Squamish Friday night and spend the night. That way I can join you early Saturday. I'll email you on Wednesday.

Was at furry creek this morning at six am. Nothing. In fact, very few people there fishing.

Anyone tried this spot in the afternoon? I drove by on the way home, coming from the Squamish river and saw a whole whack load of cars

River is happening place. Hard to hook fish in the beak though. I got only one. The rest were fouled hooked and thus released.

I used spin and glow, bead, barbless single hook, and weight. Lost like four of them. My ten pound cheapo canadian tire mono line snapped two if not three times. LOL

High tide would be around noon and 10pm yesterday. That might be a bad combination for biting fish (fish coming in late in the day). However, Low tide was around 5am to 6am, which should have been ok. Were you there that early?

Yeah. I usually leave by four thirty am, latest five am

Am there even before light sometimes lol

Is low tide when they bite or high tide? I see some odd ones jump literally in front of me, buzz bombs aren't doing their magc like three weeks ago though

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