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Apperantly the pinks are starting to run through furry creek. Is it too early to go fishing for them or is now a good time?

Go and join the gang.Good luck

GONG!!!! LOL... drove by it yesterday at least 30 cars parked in front of the golf course, all for pinks...

how do you access the fishing spot?

I think Beaks post says it all.Look for the cars and follow the herd

Does that mean they have arrived? Does anyone know if Ambelside is producing pinks now?

Only reason why I'm asking is I cant get out to fish very often and I can only go out this sunday. Is it worth going to Furry creek or Ambelside for pinks? Or even Deep cove?

Or will I waste my only time to go fishing and get skunked.


^That's why I am asking, I rarely get the chance to go fishing and I don't want to waste my time, I don't mind exploring but if the fish haven't arrived, I can wait. Thanks for any help.

Would waiting about 10 days be better for pink salmon fishing in the Squamish river?

Thanks Goin Fishin!!

I have never pink fished and dont know anything about them.

there's nothing wrong w/going fishing and getting skunked!catching fish is only part of the whole fishing process!
and yes ,in 2 weeks you can catch them in the rivers in the squamish area,make sure you check your regulations re. retaining salmon as they change frequently!easily caught on a 7wt flyrod,thats what my daughter uses although she wants to try my swictch this year!!enjoy fishing!!!

Dont get me wrong, I dont mind going out and getting skunked. But I really only have this 1 day to fish, so if I go and I dont catch anything that day I wont be able to go again. So this is why I asked if they are there or should I just go somewhere else.

Thanks again for all the info

I agree with the last post regarding getting skunked.It happens.
I bet if you were to head up there and get skunked fishing amongst all those people,you would at least learn something for the next time.
There is a reason all those cars are there,someone is getting a fish or two.Try to observe(without being a pest) what they are doing.Check for flies,retrieves,lines,how long they let it sink....
If you don't like what you see at Furry,head up to the Squamish or Mamquam and poke around.You may get skunked, you may get into double digits but you WILL learn something.Spots,access,technique , all adds up
Good luck

"Dont get me wrong, I dont mind going out and getting skunked."

You are wrong. You do mind going out and getting skunked. Somehow you and many other internet fishermen today don't get fishing is not a waste of time. You go, might catch something, might not, you learn.

oh ya. go to cates park btw, it's loaded there right now, tons of pinks going up indian arm.

Beak, you're such a Beak!

that is too mild. why aren't you banned beak.....let's take a vote ! mine is obvious .

He does make some good points at times.
So let me get this straight if you get skunks you can't fish anymore.
but if you don't go you can fish later.
Seems weird just got to make time for fishing, and if you get skunked go when you would have waited for.
Unless the leash is that tight.

Trust me, for some people the leash is that tight!

I have to agree..while its nice to hook up..anyday fishing is good for me..god knows ive come home empty handed many times when hiking up and down the rivers chasing winter steel

BINGO!! yes the leash is that Freakin tight. There I said it. lol

Aha lol.

so how do you access furry creek mouth?? I google earthed it and have an idea, but I want to make sure..thanks

I was wondering the same thing, couldn't quite figure it out.

So I went there today and there are a lot of pinks. So many anglers were hooking them and the number one lure of choice was the pink buzz bomb. It is still not peaking there but there is quite a few pinks there.

As for access, you need to cut accross the golf course and go to the beach. I was on a kayak so I launched my yak from puoerto cove.

Can you just walk to get there, I have a 12 ft boat, can I use that? Thanks

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