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Please i need some help what size is best for capilano cable pool i bought a size 4emerald green one today is that ok?

and does these bands work in sasamat?

Devico ,One thing you gotta remember is that some things work well for some people and some things work well for other people,emerald green is a good color but things change threw out the day, in the morning it might work well but in the afternoon it wont work at all . Thats all the fun of fishing,trying to figure out what works well and when they work well,take for instance my buddy, he swears by the kitimat lures while they've never worked for me ,never evan got a bite.I my opinion if you wanna good lure that seems to work well for everyone I know, try the Bluefox in the blue color (size 1or 2)

Good luck

Nicely said tavin 02, I find that one lure will work for a certain place and not work in another. Thats the thing with fishing. You keep firuring out what works where. I find that wedding bands are very good most of the time under any conditions. Red/White striped smaller spoons work well in Pitt Lake.

thanks one more question troutfisher is'nt the cable pool dangouse?

You mean dangerous, well kinda. Just make sure your a ways back up on the rocks. Dont go too close to the edge.

thanks its to low the water right to go tommor?

what size of wedding band do u have please!

Acually when the water is low, then its better for you to fish for trout. Trout dont like too much excitment. They like to swim around the pool when its calm and it feels safer to them that way. Try casting off toward the edges of the rocks across you and beside you. If you cast right in the middle, you might get one but ive had more luck close to the sides. They like to hide down near the rocks and in little nooks for saftey. Im not to sure the size of my wedding band. I think any size on the smaller side would be fine.

i'll go next week are u heading up there too?

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