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Author Topic: AWESOME Urban SECRET fishing hole right Downtown - CHECK IT OUT!
Kai the Guy

Yo! I found an AWESOME fishing spot right downtown! It's a small pond located in a really pretty park, it's located around Pender and Abbott right in Chinatown. It's a little tough to get to (you may have to climb a bit, look for the white walls around the property) but the action is ON! We went there the other day and it was GREAT! The old chinese people were all jealous of our fish, they were all yelling & jumping up & down. It's their own fault for forgetting their fishing gear! We showed them our fishing licenses, but they went and got chinatown security patrol anyway - we booked before they arrived! What a hassle, I think they were being really racist or something!

I don't know what the hell I caught, but as you can see I included a pic. Orange & white, big fins, googly eyes, and oddly enough tastes just like a goldfish. Any ideas? Whatever they are, I'm goin' back for more! See ya there!

Is this for real?

No it's not for real-it's a joke.
There is a fenced off lot right at the the edge of Chinatown that is slated for development and there's a deep looking pool on it as well as some trees around the edge, some wild ducks as well.
It's been like that for 10 years now maybe 15.
You can see it from the Skytrain which is probably where Kai sees it in the morning when he's returning from his midnight job as custodial staff at the Salvation Army Men's Home downtown.
Kai the Guy

It's a joke - I just gave you a fishing report for Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens. Would you rather read about turntables? You guys need to lighten up! And Rod, my boss says you need to fluff your pillow before you go out dumpster diving for the day, or you'll lose your bed... not my rules!

I think the only thing you could snag in Stadium lake are things Robert Pickton threw back... eeeew!

HAHA - Funny. So true it's better than reading about guys arguing over some turntables, and who should be kicked.

Fishing forum > AWESOME Urban SECRET fishing hole right Downtown - CHECK IT OUT!


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