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have any of you folks ventured into marble canyon prov. park? checked out pavilion lake?


Never fished pavillion, but fished Crown and Turquoise down the road.Scenery is pretty nice but the sites are close to the main road.Some of the locals like to cruise through the sites after dark so keep ur cooler outa site.Expect an afternoon wind too.

thanks. that seems to be the case. the campsite doesn't do the area justice.

I probably won't be going there now. thanks for the heads up.
Eagle 1

Lots of interesting things happening up there:
Pavilion Lake Research Project

"The Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) is an international, multi-disciplinary, science and exploration effort to explain the origin of freshwater microbialites in Pavilion Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Fossil microbialites represent some of the earliest remnants of life on ancient Earth, and were common from ~2.5 billion to 540 million years ago.

Today, microbialites are found in environments where conditions are often too harsh for most organisms. However, the microbialites in both Pavilion and Kelly lakes have provided a new environment for the scientific community to study.

These lakes demonstrate that large and uniquely shaped structures can also occur in non-extreme environments that also support fish, plants and other species. The microbialites of these modern lakes are relevant to our understanding of ancient microbiaites that were once common and diverse on early Earth, as such, Pavilion Lake has become an exciting field site for Earth scientists and astrobiologists who are interested in the application of the PLRP research to the search for life in our solar system and beyond."

ya thats the main reason I wanted to go there. check out the fresh water coral. Pretty blessed here in BC.... there are some good youtibe videos as well on the coral.

I had posted a similar question on fishing with rod and some guys there had said the campsite is terrible, its fairly busy, and teens will come and try and jack your coolers at night. the campsite is right by the highway.

my backroad map book doesn't have any 'free' sites listed in the area. neither does my 'camp free bc' book.

possibly because its a provincial park?

probably still a no go for me. which kind of bugs me because the photos look amazing of the area. the water is gorgeous and beer always tastes better outside.

i just don't want to pack my truck for a 5 day adventure to have it suck.
sharphooks moderator

there are lots of places to go for your 5 day adventure in the area. you can just make a day trip into pavillion. it is a beautiful coloured lake.
i have never camped there but am curious about the teenagers bothering campers. the post above referred to bears , i believe,
reaking havoc with the coolers, not punks!

well, it's close enough to make this feel like a true gamble.

I suppose with my maps and a full jerry can of gas we should be able to find a spot thats nice, away from the highway and free.

the whole camping by the highway thing was the deal breaker

this pic is from google earth

My comment was referring to humans.Can't say forsure how old.
sharphooks moderator

i was there many years ago when the only locals had 4 feet. i assumed you were talking the same kind of "locals" !

Fishing forum > pavilion lake.


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