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Its hard to get the stuff needed for fly fishing/tying where i live..theres 2 stores on the north island and they just have very basic cheap stuff....I've been getting my lines-polyleaders from Nile Creek...and my cones/beads and such from The Canadian Llama...2 great B.C where do you all get your materials online? I like to keep my online purchases in Canada....just curious where you all shop..think i need to put in a big order soon !

You may not like my answer, but here you go: I have a US credit card w/ US billing address and shipping address in Blaine, WA. I do most of my fishing related shopping locally; however, for bigger, more expensive stuff I go to:

I don't fly fish, so for my most of my gear I buy locally. In those cases, it's not worth the hassle to save a few bucks and the two local tackle shops I buy from are really nice. For your situation, you might want to try the first two links above. I believe they ship to CAN and have a good selection. Good luck.
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A lot of fly shops will sell/ship for you if you get in touch with them. Google and research specific products, then get in touch with a shop and get them to mail it to you.

Searun Fly and Tackle, Pacific Angler, Michael and Young, etc would be more than happy and willing to help.

I appreciate your efforts in trying to keep sales local and within Canada!

I also have an address in Blaine Washington. I can buy stuff cheaper from the USA than Canada. I am in the process of building a boom car stereo. I am doing it for just under 1000 US. Up here, jeez I don't even want to guess. For comparison sake


Same amplifier. Price in Canada 399.99 & 12% tax. price in USA 189.99 I asked Best buy to price match and they said NO. I then emailed them a copy of the receipt and said so how many more stores do you plan to close. I mean twice the cost if sold here. NUTS. i see it as corporate greed. I also told them I would be buying subs, speakers and head unit in the USA. do I feel guilty. NO. My complaint is the stuff is twice the price that it should be. It all came from China not the USA.

thanks for the info guys

Well, nowadays, I usually buy everything from Amazon, but not so long ago, my account got blocked or something, I have no idea.

Don't you think that your account is on hold? I can tell you that I used to struggle with that as well, but not so long ago, I managed to recover my account. You can read full article to figure out what's the problem and how to get access to your account, it didn't take me long to do everything. So good luck!

Fishing forum > where do you shop online?


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