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sharphooks moderator

i deleted the thread started by roe bandit as all it became was a pissing match.
mr grey1 eventually admitted he did not handle the fish as best he could have. he should have admitted it right away and avoided all the flack . at the same time i find it interesting that so many members are only interested in proper catch and release.
why do you not post anything else other than criticism of mr grey1. come on people. get involved in the forum. mr grey1 may not practice what some consider proper catch and release but at least he contributes and helps a lot of young fishermen.
i am not condoning they way he has been handled fish. i did not see the video before it was withdrawn but i am sure in an average days fishing on the vedder you would see far worse.
unless members have some positive imput about proper techniques such as "the quick photo" taken of the lucky fisherman in the water with his fish. show the less knowledgable what the proper technique is. quit trying to change mr grey1. i am quite sure he will never please you with his c+r technique so quit trying. criticize him when he mishandles a fish . say what he has done wrong and let it be. the swarm of buzzards need not gather and does not do any good.
let's promote proper catch and release in a more positive way.
and when anyone is caught red handed not properly releasing a fish, admit your error. say you are sorry and DO BETTER NEXT TIME!!!
mr grey1 have a great trip down under. i look forward to reading you colourful and helpful reports.

Well put Dumptruck
sharphooks moderator

i was not referring to you or other regular members who contribute on all subjects. others don't .

(My apologies for this late response, as I am new to this forum I could not recall my password to reply and the email password option on this site has not sent instructions to my email as of yet.)

With respect to the original version of this thread being deleted and the percieved buzzard like behavior that was described by the moderator, I must clarify why I chose to visit this website...

The original video posted by the individual was viewed across the fishing community on a variety of other fishing websites, I expect that you must have received a large increase in volume of viewers, particularly given the thread was free to view without registering.

There is a growing sense of responsibility within the fishing community. Having lived in BC all my life and watched it grow since the late 1940's, it is encouraging to see most of the fishing and tackle shops, some of the websites, and a large number of young anglers insisting on responsible angling practices, integrity and accountability.

I think this is why many visited this site to view the thread in question. It was not to "buzzard" someone as it was described, but rather because most modern fishermen and women in this day and age seem to have begun to take such matters as fish handling, ethics and accountability quite seriously. This passion they have for responsible angling extends everywhere, on the river, in the shops, and yes on the fishing forums. I do not believe they distinguish whether they should care or comment or not depending on the number of posts or contributions they make to a forum, they just care, it's that simple.

I think also what happened here is unfortunate, in that clearly the "angler" in question was affronted by the idea of being questioned and this resulted in an emotional and less than savory response. If it is any consolation, I did feel sorry for the angler even though his behavior in the thread would be embarrassing to most adult men, it must have been a bitter pill to swallow and he probably recognized too late that he could have avoided this quite easily as the moderator pointed out, by accepting responsiblity, showing some humility, and moving on.

What is troubling though is the response of this website now to remove content, censor and erase what otherwise might have been an excellent example and an opportunity to learn, not only about fish handling, but also about integrity and taking responsibility. Perhaps also on how to behave like an adult, and be accountable to oneself and to those around you.

It is my sense that it is no wonder that more do not post here and contribute given such a response. As an alternative I would have suggested closing the thread to comment, but leaving it to view as an example for future young anglers to learn from. We do not break a window and run away to hide, or lie about what we have done or sweep it under the rug, we accept our mistakes and take responsiblity for them.

It is my hope that the younger generation of anglers out there and those who might visit this site and decide to stay will learn those ideals as opposed to following the example of the fisherman who responded so poorly to concerns about his angling practices.

In the event I do not return here, I would like to sincerely wish this website and its members all the best, (and yes, even the angler who tried to justify his poor handling practices), but I would also urge those who run this website to consider the additional responsibility they have in monitoring the dissemination of information on the world wide web, and the lessons they promote here. The integrity required of you is an allegiance to the fishing resource and community as a whole, not to one angler who seems to post more than others.


The conscientious angler

Well put
sharphooks moderator

yes, very well put.
i do not like deleting threads but it was getting too much of a "pissing contest" and far to personal to be a learning tool.
with the video removed the learning ability or ability to cast an opinion was also removed leaving nothing of any value in my opinion. i am sorry if you disagree but i try and keep the peace here as best i can. as for shutting off conversation i thought i had prior to your very positive and thoughtful post. if it had ended there it would still be there but things went down hill.
i do hope you stay around and contribute to this site.
i try to promote constructive comments rather than dragging someone through the mud. your posts certainly meet my "guidelines".

Just like to add that this site, in it's present form, does not allow shutting down a thread, private messaging, and numerous other things that would make it easier to moderate.

The moderator does a tremendous job here and, amongst other things, keeps it clean and inoffensive for the younger generation to read. Do not forget the unprecedented attack over several weeks that took a good deal of time to bring under control.

Let us all behave responsibly and await the new site. Keep real positive fishing posts alive and keep a good sense of humor.

I have not been able to fish in a while due to injuries but i get out i will post.Until then i give input when i can be positive or not

yes very well said. if you had followed this site for long you would have realized why the thread was deleted. we have been there so many times and the comments get far too nasty with mr grey1 defending himself to the grave and beak and his buddies throwing abuse at him. and it goes down hill from there. you will note it was not a video intoduced by mr grey1 but rather one roe bandit found and started the thread for the sole purpose of embarassing mr grey1.
yes, mr grey1 needs to learn the methods which have been gaining momemtum in british columbia (the rest of north america has somewhat lagged behind it seems to me) since before i was born (gosh, i'm young compared to you). my grandfather taught me how to properly release fish in the mid 50's so i am a bit behind you (when i was able to walk is when he taught me). i sometimes wish i lived down at the coast for the sole purpose of going fishing with mr grey1. as abe said in the deleted thread mr grey1 is a good fisherman. if i imposed myself on my firend mr grey1 i'd have a great time and would ram proper c+r into his brain . (i'm quite sure we would have some oportunities to release some fish in a week !)i am sure i would learn a lot on how to catch fish.
trying to teach him in the forum is not the way. as the moderator said to those who always jump at the chance to criticize him, why not start a thread dedicated to proper catch and release . take some pictures/videos showing proper catch and release. educate those new fishermen, and old, as to how to land and release a precious fish to be caught another day. that will get a lot more results than pissing all over mr grey1.
as the moderator said , not all the members who criticized mr grey1 were vultures or whatever he called them. dumptruck (who is far to young to have you speak at his funeral.... you've got many years left d't!!!!).
this forum is a marvelous place to educate people on fishing methods and everything to do with fishing. if the members who think they are so good would only contribute in a positive way instead of not posting anything as they hide in the bushes waiting to pounce on someone who screws up. we have lost a huge number of members due to being attacked like was happening in the deleted thread . fortunatly mr grey1 has a thick skin and keeps coming back. he may not be a perfect example of how to release a fish but he sure helps a lot of kids catch their first fish as a result of his many posts. his mistake did not need to be left as a learning tool or a place for some members to piss on when they wanted to.
we have a lot of great members on this site. they show respect for the other members. they do not always agree but they show respect. i think you would fit in great . the young kids need some of us old guys to teach them some of the things we have learned in a life time of fishing and enjoying the outdoors.
may i end with a message for wannabefisherman, i hope you are soon able to get back to fishing. in the meantime you say you will post weather positive or not. this sounds disrespectful to the members of the website. i have read a number of posts a few weeks ago from you that were very helpfull and positive. keep them that way.there are two ways of saying the same thing only one is more effective. i hope you understand . you sound like you have a lot to contribute. help the moderator make this a better place to visit for everyone.
sharphooks moderator

i agree beerdrinkerfew. and since i started it i will declare it ended

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