Vedder - Lickman Road

Angler Dyer Straits
Date of fishing Oct 05, 2003
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Earned $4.03
Votes 4
Fishing experience Good
How busy is the place Busy
Float fishing Fishing Method
Midwater Fishing depth
5 # of fish caught
Coho Salmon Species
Unknown Average size
6 am - 7 pm
Best time
n/a - n/a
Best time

Vedder - Lickman Road

Boat launch
Sedge grass




Air Temperature Unknown
Water Temperature Unknown
Overcast Conditions
Low Water level

Well here goes another report. Well today was another good day on the vedder for me. Started off up at Ranger run fishing a run above the main Ranger run pool. Suprisingly there was little pressure there considering it is a very nice pool holding coho. They were sitting amongst the pinks in a back-eddy that transferred into a deep pool with a steep drop on one side. We (my dad and I) were into 3 coho in that pool, only bonking one. Once again the short-floating technique where you keep the weight about 1-2 ft. off of the bottom. Decided we would move down to Lickman after lunch. Walked into the run in fron of the campground and started fishing midway down the run. the water is much lower there than last week but the presence of coho was unmistakable. Although they are spotty throughout the run, If you cover the water, fish will bite. We got into 2 hatchery coho in a couple of hours and a few others around us landed coho. We were using #3 Drennan Pikers with about an inch and a half of lead. Also used 2 ft. 6 lb. leaders with #2 red gammys and pro cured roe. These fish hit hard in the lower end and many are still bullet chrome. One last thing, the fish were holding very close to the campground side (as opposed to the rotary trail side). Short float it and cover all of the water from the farthest bank to 5 ft. in front of you. Good Luck!

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