Slollicum Lake

Angler imrede
Date of fishing Aug 01, 2003
Rank Rank
Earned $4.25
Votes 4
Fishing experience Good
How busy is the place Rare
Fly fishing Fishing Method
Midwater Fishing depth
15 # of fish caught
Rainbow Trout Species
30 cm (12 in) Average size
4 pm - 8 pm
Best time
n/a - n/a
Best time

Slollicum Lake

Boat launch
Sedge grass


Mosquito Vein Body   Mosquito (dry) Floss Body   Mosquito   Mosquito      


Air Temperature Unknown
Water Temperature Unknown
Sunny Conditions
High Water level

first time there auguast long weekend 2003 me and some friends there was 6 of us stayed 3 nights caught many fish most of them small 10 to 12 inches used a inflatable boat troling a fly had a few beers hiked up to a cave on the east side u can see from the lake it took about 6 hours to hike here all the books were very outdated on this lake u can not drive to the second washout anymore not 4 years even with a motorbike its completely overgrown and washed out u have to hike from the very bottom hard hike up and up bring a mashety once u get past the second wash out u'll need it alders r every where overtalking the trail p.s we left a mesage in a bottle tied to the only tree in the main camping site right next to the fire pitt any questions email me

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