Mill Lake

Angler Anonymous
Date of fishing Oct 24, 2013
Rank Rank
Earned $0.02
Votes 7
Fishing experience Excellent
How busy is the place Unknown
Uknown Fishing Method
Bottom Fishing depth
13 # of fish caught
Brook Trout Species
Unknown Average size
n/a - n/a
Best time
n/a - n/a
Best time

Mill Lake

Boat launch
Sedge grass




Air Temperature Unknown
Water Temperature Unknown
Unknown Conditions
Unknown Water level

REPLY to "So long and thanks for all the fish"----------------Dude man. Nobody here cares. I did the same thing you are doing. There have been MANY people who did the same thing. The moderator and site owner CLEARLY DO NOT CARE about new members. Just dig thru old posts. The mod talks about NO changes and upgrades to SH back in 2008. Then, 2 years ago when people were bitching about more loctions the mod says "Changes are coming". Nothing is coming. What you see is what you get. Why do we love it ? BECAUSE WE CAN SAY WHATEVER WE WANT. The mod is a complete tool. Bently claims that ALL forums are like this ? HA!! He clearly doesn't frequent three of the biggest BC fishing website fishing with Rod, Fly Fish Bc and BC fishing reports. OH and btw Bently, I have never been banned. I'm sick of the way you bully people. I would say "grow up" but you're so old you're close to death.

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