Mike Lake

Angler Vieve
Date of fishing Jun 14, 2012
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Earned $0.08
Votes 5
Fishing experience Good
How busy is the place Moderate
Bottom fishing Fishing Method
Bottom Fishing depth
4 # of fish caught
Unknown Species
0.5 kg (1 lb) Average size
7 am - 9 am
Best time
12 am - 2 pm
Best time

Mike Lake

Boat launch
Sedge grass


Berkley ® Power Bait ® for Trout and Panfish                  
White original scented Power Bait mallows.                  


Air Temperature Unknown
Water Temperature Unknown
Unknown Conditions
Unknown Water level

Tuesday June 11th 2012: Mike Lake is easy to get to, a few km down the road to Alouette and Golden Ears, turn up towards the Park HQ/Mike Lake. Paved road ends and unpaved takes you on a foresty 5min drive to the parking lot. Not a large lot. Dock is about 40ft down a moderate slope to the tiny floating wharf at the end of the dock. Sign says max 2 ppl on the wharf, we managed 3, but that's def max, it is wobbly so if you have mobility or balance issues or don't have good sea legs - cast from the side of the ramp or bring your boat or waders. Fish active bright n early, lulled after 0930 hours and then picked up after lunch again. Alternate areas around the lake are hard to get to, you can trek in to some of the marshy areas with waders, or canoe out to the opposite side to fish off the "floating island" portion. There were a couple guys doing that with their canoe and a guy fly fishing form his belly boat. He seemed to catch a couple throughout the morning, but the gentlemen in the canoe didn't seem to have much luck that I could see - then again I did not observe which method they were using.

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