Fraser - Pegleg Bar

Angler abe
Date of fishing Aug 28, 2010
Rank Rank
Earned $0.03
Votes 2
Fishing experience Difficult
How busy is the place Heavy
Bottom bouncing Fishing Method
Bottom Fishing depth
6 # of fish caught
Sockeye Salmon Species
3.6 kg (8 lb) Average size
11 am - 3 pm
Best time
n/a - n/a
Best time

Fraser - Pegleg Bar

Boat launch
Sedge grass


Gibbs Fil Yarn Cerise Wool   Worden's Lil' Corky Green   Casting Weight Ball   Wool/Yarn Egg Cerise      
    3.5-4oz.   5/0 hooks      


Air Temperature Unknown
Water Temperature Unknown
Overcast Conditions
Low Water level

the fish'n was realy good at peg but as soon as i started catching fish "my first cast" about 20 guys ran over to where i was fishing they where litteraly bumping arms with me. every cast there was like 3 or 4 of us tangled up together so after chopping lines i told all these guys how they need to cast the guy at the bottom starts and then the next guy up and repeat all the way up and let your line run down before reeling in this way no one gets a tangled mess, they did it twice and then my next fish i had 4 guys cast over my line. i will never go fishing there again and i wouldnt recomend it either the fraser is so big theres no need for that many guys to cram into one spot. going to fish the pipe line today where other fishermen are respectfull and give you at least 20' either side and they know where there lines are in the water.

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