Echo Lake (Vernon)

Angler ChakaRaka
Date of fishing May 09, 2011
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Earned $0.06
Votes 3
Fishing experience Difficult
How busy is the place Low
Trolling Fishing Method
Midwater Fishing depth
0 # of fish caught
Unknown Species
Unknown Average size
1 pm - 5 pm
Best time
n/a - n/a
Best time

Echo Lake (Vernon)

Boat launch
Sedge grass


Gibbs Wedding Band Red beads   Gibbs Willow Leaf Troll   Gibbs Croc Blue Scale   Panther Martin Clear Water Trout Dlx Fly Slv Ylw   Lyman Pink  
Used Red and Chart/Red Wedding Bands in 2 sizes.   Mini Silver Gibbs Lake Troll   The G/F both chucked and trolled a Blue and Silver 2" Croc for a while.   Even chucked and trolled a PM spinner.   Tried the old stand-by Lyman #46 - 1 for a while.  


Air Temperature 18 °C (64 °F)
Water Temperature 10 °C (50 °F)
Sunny Conditions
Normal Water level

Echo Lake's fishery is a conspiracy perpetrated by the owners of the fishing lodge. I have never seen a fish caught at this lake and we sure haven't ever caught one. Even the guys at Kenkraft shrugged when I asked if they had any suggestions. We spent about 5 hours there from about lunch til dinner and threw everything we had at it short of the kitchen sink. Maybe that is the go-to lure for the fickle fish here, if they exist. Last summer I saw them jumping like crazy, but for our first try up here this year, no evidence of the existence of fish besides the " that got away..." story from the old timer coming in as we were launching. On the upside, despite the persisting motor issues, it ran and started whenever I wanted it to today and it was a nice day.

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