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Spot Name Perimeter
City Current
Lassie Lake 3 Beaverdell Unknown gravel Developed
Hannah Lake - East 6.3 Boston Bar Unknown paved Primitive
Hannah Lake - West 6.3 Boston Bar Unknown paved Primitive
Nahatlatch Lake – East 8.4 Boston Bar Difficult paved Primitive
Nahatlatch Lake – West 7.2 Boston Bar Difficult paved Primitive
Lindeman Lake 2 Chilliwack Unknown hike Natural
Wilgress Lake 2 Grand Forks Unknown paved Developed
Lake Errock 3.4 Harrison Mills Unknown paved Private
Lookout Lake 2.6 Harrison Mills Unknown 4x4 Natural
Fraser - Haig Scale Bar 0 Hope Unknown hike Natural
Lake Of The Woods 2 Hope Unknown paved Primitive
Fraser - Gold Dredge Bar 0 Laidlaw Good paved Natural
Flash Lake 3 Manning Unknown hike Natural
Lightning Lake - North 8.7 Manning Unknown paved Developed
Lightning Lake - South 8.7 Manning Unknown paved Primitive
Thunder Lake 3.5 Manning Unknown long hike Natural
Courtney Lake 4.6 Merritt Unknown paved Developed
Englishmen Lake 3.2 Merritt Unknown gravel Natural
Garcia Lake 1.9 Merritt Unknown gravel Natural
Harmon Lake 3.6 Merritt Unknown gravel Primitive
Kane Lake - Lower 1.4 Merritt Unknown gravel Primitive
Brenda Lake 2 Peachland Unknown Primitive
Blackwater Lake 1.7 Pemberton Difficult paved Primitive
Duffey Lake - East 15.7 Pemberton Unknown paved Primitive
Duffey Lake - West 15.7 Pemberton Unknown paved Primitive
Gates Lake 42 Pemberton Unknown paved Natural
Gwyneth Lake 24 Pemberton Difficult paved Primitive
Kump Lake 2.2 Princeton Unknown 4x4
Laird Lake (Princeton) 2.7 Princeton Unknown paved
Link Lake (Princeton) 2.3 Princeton Unknown paved
Summit Lake 1 Princeton Unknown paved
Levette Lake 1.8 Squamish Unknown gravel Primitive
Skimikin Lake 2.9 Tappen Unknown gravel Developed
White Lake (Tappen) 13.2 Tappen Unknown paved Developed
Lodwick Lake 3.3 Tulameen Unknown 4x4
Lafarge Lake 1.4 Vancouver Difficult paved Primitive
Kalamalka Lake - Kekuli Bai 42.4 Vernon Unknown paved Developed
Kalamalka Lake - North 42.4 Vernon Unknown paved Developed
Kalamalka Lake - NorthEast 42.4 Vernon Unknown paved Developed
Kalamalka Lake - Rattlesnake Point 42.4 Vernon Unknown paved Developed
Kalamalka Lake - South 42.4 Vernon Unknown paved Developed

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Jones Lake
Fishing: Fair
Catch: 2 Rainbow Trout
Sun, Oct 27, 2019
Sayres Lake
Fishing: Fair
Catch: 1 Brown Trout
Sat, Aug 24, 2019
Hicks Lake
Fishing: Difficult
Catch: 1 Cutthroat Trout
Mon, Aug 19, 2019
Alice Lake
Fishing: Fair
Catch: 3 Rainbow Trout
Mon, Aug 05, 2019
Nahatlatch Lake – West
Fishing: Moderate
Catch: 2 Brown Trout
Sun, Jul 28, 2019
Deer Lake - Vancouver
Fishing: Fair
Catch: 1 Rainbow Trout
Thu, Jul 18, 2019
Mill Lake
Fishing: Excellent
Catch: 5 Bass
Mon, Jul 15, 2019
Harmon Lake
Fishing: Fair
Catch: 7 Trout
Sat, Jul 13, 2019