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If anyone is going to try centrepinning, or even for the avid centerpinner I would deffinetly recommend the trophy xl wildwater centerpin reel. Smooth feels great and is a bushing reel. This reel normally retails 320 dollars but at riverside fly and tackle and Berrys bait and tackle there's a sale for 200 dollars. If your not sure if it's right for you,head to one of the local tackle shops and just ask. They will back this up completely.






They look just like John Milner reels. And not just look they feel and perform like one too.

i started with an amundson steelhead tracker then went to an okuma aventa then went to a okuma raw 2 then went to a used raven vectra then a week ago i upgraded to a trophy xl wildwater centerpin and boy was impressed!! so so smooth and is made of high quality materials. much better than the other pins i used! the regular price is 320 dollars so to save over a hundred bucks is a steel. the guy at riverside fly and tackle says there going very quick. its a great pin even at reg price!

the milner centerpin reels are excellent and are very smooth. probably the wildwater centerpin isnt as smooth as a milner but for someone that has never centerpinned or even a avid centerpinner that doesnt have 500 plus bucks to buy a reel should buy this one. its smooth its expensive feeling and it works great on the river. much better than other reels in its range and its more true to its name. the reel you fished is a winterrun. wildwater series is much smoother and is better built.

My friend says the manx reel is kinda rare and tackle shops dont have them , roe bandit do you know where a manx reel can be purchased ?

Pretty harsh dude, the guy just posted a about a reel he is happy with, not every one wants to spend 600 or 700 on a Milner reel, excellent quality, but are way over priced, considering it's just a piece of turned round bar.

make it my 4 cents .....totally agree. and he wants to be the moderator.............sorry !

not looking to start a fight. your other replies were a bit nasty. now you have explained what you just expected everyone to know!

sorry but i read it just like bcguy. your responses sounded bullyish to me (my perception even if it wasn't your intent).
your last response was much diferrent. express your opinion but don't talk down to people. isn't that what you were originally complaining about?
anyway, i guess i read it wrong. i have enjoyed most of your more recent posts. keep them up.

Thanks guys. I feel the same way. i think people should be able to ask questions and talk about things without being made fun of or being talked down to. this is a bc fishing forum that is for people that love fishing and their gear. Its not cool or appropriate to tell someone their gear is cheap and is garbage. i also feel that if someone asks a question and all the person gets is nasty comments, it will turn people from liking fishing and may quit all together because they think all fishermen are stuck up and rude and like to get into fist fights on rivers. this is b.s. because most fishermen are very friendly and don't post rude comments like that. its just a bunch of cranks that make this site and other sites miserable. all it takes is one out of a thousand members.

well put salmon slayer.

i think roe bandit has some personal issues that hes just simply projecting onto others. never the less it still isnt right how he conducts himself. but people are people and we just have to accept that i guess.

on topic. thanks for the post salmonslayer. im looking to get into centerpinning. ive been on the veddar baitcasting for steelies often. my one and only fishing buddy uses a centerpin and says theres nothing quite like it. "once you get the feel for it youll never go back" he says. so im gonna look into to getting a decent affordable starter setup. (now if only i could convince him to buy a flyrod... lol)

whatever i get will be from hatchmatchers in mapleridge. i give them my business. good small local shop with really friendly outgoing guys. ill check to see if they carry that trophy XL

Haha awesome! I think they carry it
bc salmon fishing

Hey im about to pick one of these up and was wondering if they really are interchangeable, because to me it doesn't seem like it thanks just want to make sure.

Fishing forum > Trophy xl wildwater centerpin reel


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