Fishing forum > Ice Fishing Joyce(Green)Lake, Falkland,Good Fishing!

Author Topic: Ice Fishing Joyce(Green)Lake, Falkland,Good Fishing!

Ice Fished Joyce(Green) Lake outside Falkland on boxing day.Fishing was good..150 feet straight out from the boat launch.8 feet of water using deli shrimp!We caught 10 rainbows all between 12 and 14 inches,released them all!fish were nice and fat.We got there at 10:00am and left around 3:00pm.we had several other bites through out the day.Ice was 5 inches thick!
pillar Lake is frozen as well with people fishing thickness is also 5 inches and should be at least 6 by New Years weekend!
Good luck to all and be safe!

Fishing forum > Ice Fishing Joyce(Green)Lake, Falkland,Good Fishing!


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