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Author Topic: Anyone head out for a day of ice fishing yet?

Hi guy's,just curious if anyone's been out on the ice anywhere yet?Starting to get the itch!It's been fairly mild here in the Okanagan so far,i would think a person would have to go somewhere fairly high.
Here is a video from one of our trips last year!

i'm in the north ok, near chase. i live about 500 ft higher than chase. the lake next door is frozen now.has been for about 5 days now but i like solid ice so have not been. maybe boxing day? today i went to vernon and saw some fishermen on joyce lk near falkland but pillar is not solid yet.
anything higher is frozen and snowbound ! be carefull though. like you said it has been mild. the lake next door is 10 days late at least. and with so much snow it is lousy ice.

Thanks for the reply..We are heading up the Falkland way for New Years!Good to know Joyce has ice.Does Pillar have any ice at all?We usually head up to Gardom for boxing day but apparently it's not frozen over yet either!Looks like it will be a little later this year!
You ever ice fished White or Red lakes?

pillar is iced over but has some dark spots that do not look safe. by the time you get here it could be ok but i'd stick to the shore! it gets a lot of wind and is "hard" to freeze over. i doubt white is frozen. beautiful fish but hard to catch. i am planning on trying red this year. my buddy had a great time last year with brookies around xmas but is it frozen yet? never been there so would not hazzard a guess.
good luck in your trip. have fun and drive safely !

a lot of the ice that looks good is not. i found out first hand on boxing day. we fished for a while at one lake then decided to try another, same altitude, smaller and shallower. only difference was the second one was surrounded by cattails. it did not freeze solid where the cattails were. i got a wet foot as a result. my buddy was another 15 feet ahead. you should have seen him pussy foot it back to shore! lucky he weighs 70 pounds less than i do!
we have not had any really cold weather yet in the thompson/okanagan and lots of snow so the ice is slow developing. it may be 6 inches thick in spots but only 3 in others, such as where there are underground springs. as the guy with the quad 20 feet under knows very well, be carefull !

Fishing forum > Anyone head out for a day of ice fishing yet?


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