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big fish jumping off sapperton landing dock the last couple of nights around twilight during the rising tide. can't seem to hook 'em with wool, spoon lure or spin n glo. just got back into fishing fifteen years after hitting the fras with dad. don't know if i'm wasting my time down there. fellow fishers got any hints, suggestions? i know the upper fraser would be a better bet, but the sapperton dock's right in my 'hood and the kid loves heading down there with me after dins.

Lower Fraser never worked well for sockeye. Springs are Ok, but not sockeye. Current is too slow to effectivelly use bottom bouncing and event too slow for bar fishing (plunking) with spin-n-glows. Bar fishing with roe is not very effective for sockeye either. As for lures - that will work on chum.

Sockeye salmon is not very agressive because their primary diet is plankton, unlike chinooks or other kinds of pacific salmon.

So, take your car and go to the upper river! It is a lot of fun there (even being part of the crowd).

thanks alex!
very informative. i guess i'll be motoring to better locales.
thinking of making dash to coquitlam river bar tonight... anyt hing doing there?
(i'll have to save the upper fraser trips for the weekend. drats).
cheers, miker
p.s. bottom bouncing? three oz. weight... two foot leader... spin n glow???

let me no how u do as i live rite up the hill thanks

For effective bottom bouncing for sockeye you will need:

2-3-4 oz casting weight (depends on the depth/speed of the current in a particular place), most of the time 2oz will work Ok.

leaders ... well, you need long leaders, say the lenght of your rod

use 2/0 or 3/0 hooks with a little bit of yarn/wool (while water is murky, color does not matter, otherwize green/pink work better). For deeper water you may need to add corkies.

While sockeyes are realtivelly small, as geoff mentioned on another thread - use think leaders, so that they are not twisted in the water and remain realtivelly straight.

Tight lines and sharp hooks!

thanks for the bottom bouncing tips, alex.
excuse my ignorance, but what are corkies?
and what about spin n glows... when do you use those fellers?
cheers, miker

Corky is a round floating ball, which you may simply put on the line in front of the hook to make it buoyant. It is used for bottom bouncing when depth exceeds 2 meters or to keep hook off the bottom (avoid snags).

as for Spin-n-glows - those are being used for chinook salmon (early-mid summer) and steelhead (winter). You will need large Spin-n-glows (#4/0-#6/0 hooks and similar Glows). They are being used for bar fishing/plunking, when you cast a large weight and then just sit on a chair and wait for fish to come.

Some people use tiny Spin-n-glows for bottom bouncing, but I doubt this is effective.

SharpHooks has a special section for finding lures/flies/tackle - Search/Attractors. Same things are often called differently and it may be hard to get the spelling out of pronounced words, but this is probably the best tool around anyways (next to asking guys at a shop )

awesome info! thanks alex. i'm off to get my first package of corkies. cheers, miker.

Fishing forum > sapperton landing


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