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anyone have any luck with the socks today? how crowded was the chili? anyone been on the fraser?
Fishin is bad medicine

I heard that it was slow today up at hope on the fraser.A few hookups here and there.
surgeon sturgeon

went out yesterday and didn't see one landed out at peg leg but was told that they were catching at the mouth of the harison

also went sturgeon fishing at the mission bridge and saw alot of sockeye starting to come up

i got 2 sockeye today here are the pictures of me and my fish




Tight lines everyone!

Yes, fishing for sockeye is goinig to be moderate to slow due to commercial fishery that is also open. Those floks are very effective at cleaning the river from fish.

Once they will stop commercial, give it several days before fishing will pick up again.

My misfortune is that I am leaving BC for a business trip right in the middle of the key sockeye season
But I went fishing first two days and spend nearly 3 hours on both occasions to get the beauties.

Good luck fishing and sharp hooks!

BTW, when bottom bouncing, keep changing your hooks every 30 minutes or so. That will greatly improve your chances. Have fun!

Dusty, luckey basterd!
Where were you fishing?

hahah a little place called bull sh*t bar cuz if i topld u it would eb bull sh*t. lol no i will just say i was in a few places from jesperson all the way into hope.

nevermind man, forget i asked, you must be so luckey to have a secret spot

Hi fellows
I am new in this forum. Anyway I was fishing today close to Hope. Water is high. Spent about 4 hr there did not catch anything, guys around caught several springs and only one sockeye. So I can say this not run, I think Alex right. And dusty just bought fish in Super Store.

I believe dusty...look at the size of that thing....its tiny. It looks like a cap coho...thats the only fish you'll find around after theres been a commericial opening on the fraser.

lol i did not buy them from superstore i was fishing fro like 2 weeks straight and i finaly got those 2. dose anyone know when the commercial fisherie stops so fishing will be good?

ya, when's the commercial season over? until then i'll put the rod away and bring out the golf clubs..



i got another sockeye today what do you guys think of it

i got another sockeye today what do you guys think of it
Redneck Fisher

hey alex, you mentioned changing our hooks every 30 min. what about just sharpening them. i find a quick sharpen, and they're just like new. ready to go.

Thats a total exageration. I fished 2+ hours on my last trip with a hook and it seemed fine at the end of that trip. This morning I tired it on again and 45 minutes later I had a sockey on (thats after 4 hours of flossing). I then checked my leader and another 1.5 after that I got a 12-14 lb spring. Sticky sharp hooks are not important when flossing...keep in mind the hook and the betty are ripping down the river and anything that hook touchs get impaled.

PS these is a few pics on my Fraser posting if you care to take a peek at a couple of prime fraser spings.

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