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Going to Dee Lake chain in early Sept. Any fishing tips ? Does not seem to be much info. on these lakes.

im sorry Dee Lake? Do you mean Deer Lake? Ive fished deer lake in bby a bunch of times, I could give you some tips if thats the lake your talking about?


i have tried deer lake with no success, what do u recommend. have you ever fished for carp there?

do you have a boat? if so...
... row out to the far end of the lake from the boat launch. Get to about 50 yards back from the weeds and sort of closer to the north bank. Right around there the depth really drops off from 6 - 10 feet. Cast worms, let sink, then retreve. If your not getting bites there, move or troll slowly down towards the beach but stay 20 yards back from the weeds along the north bank. Im almost certen you'll get a trout.

Now if you aint got a boat then fishing this lake is tricky. along the banks of the lake there is a thick weed presents so you'll have to walk along the trail on the north side and watch for the weeds to thin out, then cast out from there. My best advice is to walk this trail to the other end of the lake and almost when you reach the west end, the weeds thin out and there are logs out in the water so you can fish out from there. At this spot is exactly where you should be if you were in your boat and followed my directions from obove, but you'll be out further in the lake in your boat.

Ok I hope this makes sence. Good luck and mabey I'll see you out here onetime!

No I mean Dee lake near Winfield / Kelowna.

Thanks Anyway

No I mean Dee lake near Winfield / Kelowna.

Thanks Anyway

the dee lake chain has lots of trout. depending on the weather it might be slow in september, too hot! there are a lot of lakes. some have some good size trout. dee lk is within a couple of miles of doreen lk., wilma lk , fly fish 1 @ 2 and several others. all have lots of fish.
good flyfishing lks. some are fly only. good luck!

yes, unfortunately after about august the lakes in that area get very warm and the trout are at the bottom of the lake trying to stay cool...can be tough sluggin' anywhere after july in those parts unless you're trolling at the bottom of the big lakes..

Ck your right, however in deer lake in bby the trout have adapted to the warmth and are still biting. I was there today and managed to get a few trout.
They have no choice, its either warm or warmer...
Fishin is bad medicine

or cooked

is there anyone who does coarse fishing here who is a member

is there anyone who does coarse fishing here who is a member if so can you give me any good tipson how to catch carp and what baits to use and which rigs and methods i could use because i have only been fishing for carp 4 weeks

Im no carp expert, but there are allways a bunch of asian guys at deer lake who fish carp. They look as if they've been doing it for a while now and if you ever went there, they would probably have some good tips for you.
Just bring your gear down there and try cornmeal first, Ive seen them use that.
good luck

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