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dirty chum

got a 20 hp for sale got it with my boat but I don't need it, willing to part with it $450 running $350 AS IS. No tank but it does have a hose that connect's with motor. open to offers trade for 10hp and money?

Hey dirty chum, is the motor running now, I am very interested in it if it is running, please email me at and we can discuss this furthur, look forward to hearing from you, by the way, where are you located, i'm in chilliwack. I can also be reached at 604 792 9952 during the day

Hey Chum, If it isn't running do you have any idea why, even if it isn't running please contact me, my father in law is pretty good with stuff like that and we should be able to fix any problems.... Thanks
dirty chum

I was told there was nothing wrong with it,and it looks mint inside the body.I have yet to test it,and most likely won't. i'll get back to you in a couple days. (got to get me a spring) Richmond

thanks Chum, Let me know either way and then we can arrange to come and have a look and it and hopefully strike up a deal, talk to you soon

Hey Chum, I just got off the phone with my father in law and he told me to just make the arrangements to go and look at the motor, so we are definately interested, Get ahold of me when you can, i left my info in an earlier post

Talk to you Soon
Chad Buckle

please email me at

Where are you located?
dirty chum

Richmond,Chad's got first dibs, trades will also be considered.

the dirty one

Thanks for giving me dibs!!!! We look forward to meeting with you A.S.A.P.,Talk to you soon

Chum, we can meet you on sat morn if that works for you, call me and we can arrange to meet, i can be reached at one of these two numbers
604 824 1252 (home)
604 819 3657 (cell)

Chad Buckle

Call Rob if motor still available..604-240-2218.


Where you from ? Did you use to live in langley and have a brother Kurt and a sister named Amanda ? if so i know you from way way way back my name is Anthony Bucci from langley meadows let me know if thats you

Fish Freak, sorry, I'm not the guy you are thinking of, I was born and raised in Mission and have two brothers

Fishing forum > 20 hp Mercury


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