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sockeye sam

I would like to here what everybodys favorite line is to use?? I have tried fireline and it seems to bite into the spool, and is spiderwire the same or how about that yellow line.?? Right now Im using maxima ultragreen monofiliment and seems to work ok.Any suggestions would be appreciated

I've been using tufline 30-50 lb and maxima 15-25 lb for a long time. Both work well for me.

I have a line called raptor, its a dyneema braid. 50lb line class, same diameter as 17lb mono. Cost my $20 CND on ebay and I got 2 calcutta 400s spooled off it.

When fishing the fraser, brade is the only way to go, especially if you are after springs. 30lb braided main with 15-20lb mono leader is good for sockeye but light for springs (unless you have a boat and can chase fish). I dont have a boat so I fish 50lb main and 30 lb leader.

The 0 stretch means that when you are flossing fish, you get a SOLID hook set... once the hook finally slams into the corner of the fish's mouth, when mono would be stretching under tension, the braids dont stretch thus they drive the hook in hard.

As well the small diameter is easier to cast, cuts thu the wind on long cast, doesnt have as much drag in the water, and gives a better level of sensativity. Oh ya, Braids are far more resistant to chaffing and being dinged up by a bouncing betty so there is a higher reliability too.

PS - I dont recommend braided lines for rivers like the vedder or chehalis.

sockeye sam

Thanks for the info

65 LBS Spider wire main with 20 LBS leader Maxima Ultragreen got a really good price on the braded Spider wire

Only the very latest spider wire has devloped to the point were it wont chew up your careful of what you buy!

I believe that the safest braids in terms of guide wear are ones that have been "thermo-fused" or compacted with some sort of permiated resin. I also think Spectra (the main fiber in spider line) is very hard were as Raptor line uses a softer fiber (dyneema) so the composition of the braid also effects line wear characteristics.

Do some research before you spool up your reel and wreck a good set of eyelets on your favorite rod.

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