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I'm new to the salmon fishery, just wondering if anyone has some tips on using my fly rod, because i really enjoy fishing with it, and besides i don't want to go out and buy a whole bunch of new tackle and a rod... Please if anyone can help i would be very greatful!!!!
Thank you

Does noboby out here fish for salmon with their flyrod??? i would love to fight some with mine, but i just need some help getting started!!

when the waters are in good shape, the capilano is probably the most popular local salmon fly fishing spot. You need a fast sinking line, preferrably full sink too.

Right now the river is dead low and I dont believe the many fresh fish can make it up the river right now...I have heard of fly fishers having success in the mouth but I dont know much about that fishery.

Call Rudicks or one of the other fly shops and get them to point you in the right direction.

Thanks Gooey, I will go down to Chilliwack Dart and Tackle here in town, i should have probably just done that from the start, hopefully i can maybe land a few on the vedder this week, if I do I will post some pics, thanks again!!!!

what kind of salmon are you fishing for cause that can really be a huge factor on what kind of line and rod you will need.
For coho all you will need is a 6-8wt rod 9-10' in length, Only full sink line ever used is a clear line or slime line and that is used primarily for coho fishing at the beach or in slack water where there is barely any flow in the river)or clear sink tip line, or you can save some money buy purchasing a multi-tip system. Coho fishing is different from any other kind of salmon fishing cause you will be looking for "flog water" as coho prefer this kind of water to fast moving water. This set up will be good for chum,pink and sockeye as well.
For springs unless you have a really heavy rod(at least a 10wt and casting a 10wt rod all day is not very fun) or a spey rod i would not really bother. You will need heavy sinktip line as spring will go right up the main current and you will need to get the fly right on the bottom.
I only flyfish and i never bother with the springs just too hard on the gear.

Hey Abito! Nice fish, are those all Vedder fish?

they are all from local waters.

We will be fishing for springs on the vedder, would like to catch some sockeye(but they are 0 retention).... i've been told by some friends that you want to piss the fish off to bite, so does that mean flashy flies(bright colors)???? and would you recommend using sink tip or floating lines????

if you want to target springs i would suggest at least a 9wt rod and heavy sink tips as springs will usually stay in the deeper pools with heavier flows. Flies..zonker style flies will work well bunny leachs and such flies

Fishing forum > Salmon on the "Fly Rod"??


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