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Does anyone know or think the sockeye fishing is going to open next weekend?

no one knows until the DFO calls it the day before the opening. I hear the opening will be the 15 17 or 23
The Yak

i heard it will be next week probably the 17th

why so early this year then for opening??.. it used to be the 1st of august for a couple of years i think.... does anybody know if the opening date is usually the best time to fish for them, and how long this run will be open for?
bug pumper

you're right Fisher88. If they open it early it must mean that DFO is expecting a really good run. Unless they plan on shuting it early also.

I cant tell you how many socs seem to be in the vedder compared to previous years! I do think the ocean conditions must have been favorable for this summers run as we are seeing good numbers on the vedder and it is looking like an early soc opening on the fraser too.

BTW - opeings are detemined by test fisheries in the fraser and on the ocean to. there is a web site where you can see the catches reported into the DFO (the address escapes me now tho). i'll keep and eye open for it.

bug pumper

Ya Gooey, There sure seems to be alot of sockeye in the Vedder. I don't remember ever hooking so many in previous years. Hopefully its a sign that they're doing really well.

DFO used to publish results of test fishing online, but I don't see those reports any more. DFO suggests you call
Eamon Miyagi: 604-666-3478 for more info.

Previos reports:

Do you know other ways to learn about test fishing results?

This was on the dfo website. Subject: FN0443-Salmon: Fraser River Sockeye Update - July 8 - Areas 11 to 29


Pre-Season Fishing Plans:

For developing Canadian pre-season fishing plans, the 50% probability forecast
total return of Fraser River sockeye is 4,920,000. This is further broken down
by stock group as: Early Stuart - 216,000; Early Summer - 885,000; Summer -
3,501,000; and Late - 318,000. For the Late run stock group, the forecasts are
further sub-divided into Birkenhead - 218,000 and true Late-run - 100,000.

Additional assumptions that guide pre-season plans include:
1. The true Late-run sockeye will continue to migrate into the Fraser River
earlier than normal and experience severe en route and pre-spawning mortality.
To take this migration phenomenon into consideration, Canada and the U.S. have
agreed to limit the harvest of this stock group to 15%.
2. The 50% migration date through Area 20 for each stock group is based upon
the long-term historical averages.
3. The overall diversion rate of Fraser sockeye migration through Johnstone
Strait will be 78%.
4. While consultations are on going, it is assumed the harvest objectives of
Fraser River sockeye by First Nations for food, social and ceremonial use
purposes will be similar to recent years.
5. The specific conservation needs for other stocks and species include
Nimpkish, Sakinaw and Cultus Lake sockeye and Interior Fraser coho and Thompson
6. Harvestable surpluses for all fisheries will exist for Early Summer and
Summer run stocks but will be restricted to address the conservation needs of
co-migrating stocks and species.

Some aspects of Canadian First Nations, commercial and recreational fishing
plans are still under development and a number of details are under
discussion. A report of the overall fishing plan approach will be provided as
soon as available.

Additional information regarding pre-season fishing plan considerations, daily
test fishing information and news releases can be obtained from the Pacific
Salmon Commission web site at

Fraser River Panel Update:

The Fraser River Panel met by conference call Thursday July 8 to receive an
update from PSC staff regarding the progress of the Fraser River sockeye
Current environmental conditions in the Fraser River border on unfavorable for
sockeye migration. The discharge at Hope was 4,400 cubic meters per second
(cms) which is well below the historical average for this date. The
temperature at Qualark is 16.90C, nearly 30C above the long-term average.
Water temperatures greater than 180C affect the migration and survival success
of Fraser River sockeye. Water temperatures will be closely monitored and
adjustments to gross escapement goals will be made if warranted.
Early Stuart:
The Panel adopted a provisional run size estimate of 137,000 Early Stuart fish
(75% probability forecast level) based upon the assumption of a 50% peak date
of July 3 in Area 20 (i.e. July 9 at Mission). This is considerably lower than
the pre-season 50% probability level forecast of 216,000 fish (i.e. the run
size has a 50% chance of reaching or exceeding the forecast).
To date, the estimated migration of Early Stuarts past Mission is 46,000 fish.

Early Summer:

The 50% probability pre-season forecast return for the Early Summer run group
is 885,000 sockeye. As expected, Early Summer have been identified in the
samples from Area 20 and within the Fraser River, but within relatively low

To date, 5,000 Early Summer run sockeye have been estimated to have entered the
Fraser River.

Wayne Saito - 604-666-3271.

geoff, but no info about albion test fishing in fraser river.

quote from dfo site - "For current Albion test fishery information call 604-666-6182."

any new word on when the run might be opening?? i was watching news from seattle today and the sockeye fishery for them has started...

Quote from Fishery Notice - July 16, 2004:


Sockeye retention opportunities within the approach areas and the lower Fraser River are expected to commence when surpluses are identified. For some areas where conservation constraints permit, this could occur as early as July 23. In the approach areas, non-retention of Fraser River sockeye is expected to be re-introduced in early August for the protection of Late run sockeye, including the Cultus Lake stock.
surgeon sturgeon

where"s the sockeye????????

Was on the fraser this weekend and saw 1 maybe 2 socs hooks out of 30 or so rods. Not many around at all right now.

Sockeye run in a 4 year cycle with 2 high years and 2 low years. From my understanding, this is one of the low years so I think we are looking at a tough one at that.

I'm new to the game but a fair number of sockeye are being caught (fishing for chinooks), in the chilliwack river. Fish seem to be up at least as far as the hatchery
P.S. Love last nights rain

Yes there are lots of socs in the CHiliwack but they are closed _ that means ZERO retention. I have been told that the Cultas lake socs are a very sensative run due to low numbers this year so if a group of fishermen are hooking a lot of socs I would recommend changing the fishing habits. IE go to a run where there is less socs, shorten the leader length to reduce flossing (socs are more often flossed then hooked on a bite), shorten the line between float and weight, DONT BOTTOM BOUNCE, etc. All the standard things a sportsfisher would do to avoid flossing a fish...especially an endangered run like the cultas socs!
The Yak

i totaly agree with you gooey... please dont floss socks headed for cultis lake... they need all the help they can get...

I heard that they are going to try and introduce sockeye's back into the Coquitlam River. There used to be a good run there before HYdro put an earth dam in wway back when... ithink it was the twenties or something... and apparently there are plans to build a new "fish friendly" dam up top... it would be nice if i could walk to some decent fishing...

Socs are open on friday , july 23rd one hour before sunrise. The daily limit will be 2 sockeye over 30 centimeters above the mission bridge right up to alexandria bridge excluding upper landstrom bar.

let the gong show begin

I read the minutes from the meeting and nothing has been signed on the dotted line so to speak, last I heard they were reconvening on Friday to evaluate the latest numbers and make a descision then.

Be careful to you local shop, they should get the official notice once its signed and faxed guy didnt have any notices as of 3pm today

is there a sockeye run in the capilano. if there isn't i wonder if dfo has ever thought about starting a run there.

steelheader is right, sockeye will open friday 23.. 2 fish over 30cm in non-tidal waters of the fraser..

im gonna TRY to catch me some on sunday!!!
bug pumper

No Sockeye El nino, Pinks though.

did anybody go out fishing for the opening?? if so by chance did u fish at gold dredge bar/jones laidlaw... because im going there on sunday and im guessing i have to get there right at sunrise to get a good spot because of the crowds.. any info appreciated..

Fishing in Hope was very slow, only one sockeye was caught on saturday and one spring out of about 30 people.

went today for a bit, quite slow, only a dozen or so fish for the whole bar.. which was fairly busy.... stopped by herrling and heard of some sockeye and springs being caught...

oh ya,, most sockeyes i saw had net marks on them because the indians put up there nets days ago

oh ya,, most sockeyes i saw had net marks on them because the indians put up there nets days ago

... not to mention commercial fishery was opened as well...
i've seen couple boats by new westminster and there should be more...

dose anyone know when the commercial fishery ends?

how is sockeye fishing now? Still slow? Any advice about currently good fishing spots?

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