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Author Topic: Out of towner seeks info on upcoming visit to Squamish and Garibaldi
bossa nova

Hi, I live in Missouri, USA, and I will be in the Squamish area on August 16-18. I have been reading a book on fly fishing in BC. I have never been to Canada before - I'm very excited. I love fly fishing and tie most of my own flies. My travelling companion that does not fish, but loves the outdoors, so pretty places that have fish is a good idea.

I am staying in Squamish. Based on the book, I thought I would spend one day hiking up to Garibaldi Lake. The hike sounds beautiful, and the book said the fishing was very good. Do any of you have advice on fishing there in mid-August, and if so, some help on tactics? I am not familiar with stillwater trout fishing. I fish small spring-fed streams for trout at home. Will I need a float tube? Is this a bad place to try out?

I will have another day to fish. Stump lake was recommended. Again, float tube best, or can I wade in a bit or fish from shore? Do you have other suggestions for fishing in that area?

I own a 9' 4wt, a 9' 5wt, and a 9' 8wt. Advice on which to bring? Do I need a full sink, sink tip etc? My casting abilities are modest: 60 feet consistently with decent accuracy.

I would sincerely appreciate any advice on flys to tie for my trip, etc.


You are in for a treat, I did an over nighter in Garabaldi/Black Tusk and it was AWESOME! No fishing, just hiking and camping, although I saw lots of fish in the lake and wished I had a rod!

Its a pretty good hike (3hrs 1 way), maybe an overnighter would be better especially if you want a decent amount of time to fish in the park. (check out this link for a trip review from a local hiking club:

If you are in the squamish area in august, I think that the mamquam, cheakamus, and squamish rivers should all be holding fish (definitely trout and dolleys but it may be a little early for the fall salmon runs).

Your selection of rods will be dependant on the target species, so sorry, can't help much that way until you know what the target species is. If you have the space, I would bring the 5w and the 8w...that should cover off most of the bases.

good luck

Definitely go up to Garibaldi. It's a beautiful alpine lake. I've been up there a couple times and have tried both fly fishing, and old bait and bobber. I had good success with the bait, but I found casting my fly line difficult since i was fishing from shore. Having a float tube would be a plus, although it would be a tough hike paking it in. For fly patterns, you should have some chironomids (super slow retrieve on floating line with 10'-20' leader) and all the bc stand-bys like doc spratleys, leaches, scuds, and basic dry flies.

Stump lake (in Alice Lake Park?) would probably be suffering from the summer duldrums in august, and is next to impossible to shore fish anyway. Most of the low elevation lakes will be slow in the summer. I would stick to higher elevation lakes in august (ie. garibaldi, callaghan, cheakamus..), or try some of the rivers as gooey suggested.

For more info you might want to try the fishBC forum (nothing against this one). Seems to be busier, and almost exclusively geared to fly fishing. Searching can also reveal any past topics on the area.

Fishing forum > Out of towner seeks info on upcoming visit to Squamish and Garibaldi


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