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Author Topic: Where do I catch nice spring or chinook salmon around chilliwack???

]I have been trying in and around tamahi campground on the vedder/chilliwack river and havent caught anything. plz send me info on what to use and where to go!!!!!

Steve, hi! Vedder still has a lot of springs, but they are getting darker. Most of the fish spent quite some time in the river and are concentrated in the upper section.

You may give a try to Ranger Run or Boundary Hole. Right now, while everybody is chasing sockeye in Fraser, Vedder is probably getting less pressure.

You will need a standard baitcasting equipment (steelhead rod and a baticasting reel). As the main line I would recommend Tuf-Line (35 or 50lb), foam float, pencil weights and 20-30lb Maxima leader. As for the bait, we are using just a piece of wool/yarn (see photo). Green is the best color for Vedder. You can also use shrimp scent for better results. Use hooks #2/0 or #3/0.

Steve, why you are not after sockeye? It is going to be closed for retention very soon and this is the best salmon you can get. Well, Fraser is crowded, but there must be a good reason for this

I was kayaking the Chiliwack / Vedder this past weekend, and I saw people with "wishing" poles all down the river from Tamahi to Highway #1, almost every inch of river was covered with people catching nothing. Everyone I passed I asked, everyone said the samething, "Not Yet" But when ever I was in a deep slow moving pool, I saw lots of fish, Dont know why no one wasn't catchin anything, because there were lots of fish. Best places I saw were between the rail bridge and Keith Wilson road, just find any slow deep water, along either shore.

That's interesting. Sounds like an overlooked opportunity Fishing slow pools might be difficult, but certainly worth a try.

Yeah it was, I was hungover from a buddies wedding the night before and I was rushed to get ready to head out. And I forgot my Equipment at home, didn't even think about it until I got to Chilliwack.
Dyer Straits

Hi, i'm new here and i think I may be able to help you out...i would echo Alex's comment on the rod and reel but may i suggest something a little lighter. I would suggest a 15-20 lb. Maxima Ultragreen mainline rigged with a foam dink float (readily available at most fishing stores), pencil lead or split shot, and a size 1 gammy on a 10-12 lb. Maxima Ultragreen Leader. As for colours of wool my standard is red and white but other colours can work well including chartreuse, pink or even black. Roe works well also but isnt always necessary as these fish will readily take wool. The upper vedder river would definetely be best for the springs as Alex mentioned. Some quick tips: keep a relatively short leader somewhere between 18 and 24 inches. Keep your weight close to the bottom... it should tap it every few seconds. Springs are larger, stronger fish than most others so they will stay in the heavier water , especially in lower water conditions.... so concentrate your effort in the deeper faster water. I would suggest fishing Allison Pools, Ranger Run and Boundary Pool. Good Luck!

Fishing forum > Where do I catch nice spring or chinook salmon around chilliwack???


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