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relax... go tie a fly.

If you pass it everyday then why not stop and fish it? You shouldn't talk about small systems on the net anyways.

Please don't respond to this and let the thread die

for starters, smokin you dont own kanaka creek. i find it funny how people can say things like dont talk about small systems on the internet... he was being polite and was asking a simple question and nobody has a right to tell someone to stop talking about something they posted. sheesh.. if you think kanaka creek is so delicate why dont you bring it up with the dfo or fisheries dp. if it only had 10 coho returning there would for sure be no retention of 1 hatchery coho per day. my two cents....

Roe bandit you rock, people don't want to hear the truth as ignorance is bliss!

The only NOOB angler is you roe bandit. I wasn't talking about steelhead and I know coho are in decline in kanaka creek. He asked a question and doesn't deserve to be harrassed. And for you to say I have no angling experience is making an ass out of you and me.

telling someone to stop and fish a creek that he passes EVERYDAY instead of asking for info is not harassment. Its called commom sense. I wasnt trying to be a dick, just told him straight forward. He asked for input and i gave it to him. Roebandit also just told it like it is.
It seems like people want to be told where to fish, what rock to stand on and where to cast, get off your lazy butt and go find out for yourself.

Let this thread die, no need to comment anymore
sharphooks moderator

the original post asked a simple question. i did not find smokon's original reply of try it and find out too offensive.
i do not feel there is any need , for the 98th time in recent months, to go on about mentioning a small stream. yes, kanaka creek is over developed and has been for many years. and yes, steelhead are almost non-existent etc BUT it is open to fishing and in fact allows retention of a hatchery coho. it also probably still has some cutthroat which i believe was the topic of the original question. enough bashing of people for asking questions about self declared private waters. this harrassment scares off more members than any other single "topic" . maybe those who feel the need to protect kanaka (or other small systems) should ask themselves how many fishermen would have converged on kanaka creek if smokin had just responded " i haven't been there for a few years but i used to get some nice cutties just below the r/r bridge on a silver minnow on a sinking line. why not give it a try and let us know. keep in mind access on kanaka is very limited by private property. " maybe 4 or 5 who would have wet a line, caught nothing and would never have come back. if you disagree i am sorry. maybe sharphooks is not the place for you. we do not need members continually declaring the end of the world is about to happen. i hate being a dictator but as smokin has said, this is the end of this thread. the only diference is i can enforce it and will.

hey guys. sorry to see the disturbance ive caused.

YES i am a NOOB angler. i dont have the luxery of friends with an abundance of knowledge about fly fishing, local holes etc... poppa couldnt teach me to fish sittin in prison so last year i figured fuck it, im gonna enjoy the finer things in life. i chose fly fishing because of the depth it offers. ive been doing it for about a yr and im hooked.

after reading smokins first comment i realized it made sense and i was just being down right lazy. the last thing i want to do is contribute to a dwindling fish population. or be a part of attracting disrespectful people to nice areas where theyre gonna litter and ruin shit for everyone else.

smokins comment could have been taken in offence but i prefer to practice a little humility and take into account where he is coming from.

sorry for the shit show boys. ill stick to questions about gear, hatches, and technique etc...

one thing i would suggest to others... is try and have some maturity when you post replies to people... especially if you think its a "NOOB" angler. go for "educate" over "humiliate". unity can do WONDERS for the things we love. in most cases.. especially the internet, the whole "douche bag" attitude will do nothing but spawn another "douche bag" attitude in return. "every action has an opposite or equal reaction"

Anyways...Now i know... good luck and have fun

Fishing forum > kanaka creek? endangered


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