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I heard they just pumped one- 3 pounders in Mill recently can anyone confirm?
Terry Skipper


They stocked the lake for the Hub Sports Father's Day Derby. The lake should be loaded with them.

Good luck,

Terry Skipper

2004/06/18 - 150 rainbows, 455 gm
2004/05/27 - 1100 rainbows, 200 gm
2004/04/26 - 675 rainbows, 150 gm
2004/04/23 - 367 cutties, 260 gm
2004/04/02 - 114 cutties, 472 gm

Yup went yesterday after work for 1/2 hour and caught this guy, only 14" long but weighed in at 2.2 lbs.

you gotta be kidding me. 14" and it's 2.2lb, look at the girth!!!!

i would check that scale

try using pieces of shrimp under a thin pencil like float(balsam)...i got goood success with that setup.
Louis Vuitton

Hey, does Mill have bass in it?
and wahat do they take?

Fishing forum > Mill Lake


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