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Report for June 11, 2004
I was up at Stump Lake from monday to wednesday(June
7-9) which is just past Nicola lake outside of
Merritt. When I arrived late monday afternoon I
realized that Stump's notorious wind was absent so I
quickly got in the water in my tube and thought I
would try a floating line and chironomid at 10 feet
below the surface. Much to my surprise my strike
indicator went down within 1 minute and I was into a
healthy Stump 'bow of 3 lbs. These 18-20" rainbows
sure know how to fight, with immediate airtime and
surface runs that go into backing quickly. After
several minutes of battle, I win and net the chrome
beauty. Of all the lakes I have fished, I think Stump
rainbows are the healthiest. They have very thick
bodies and look well fed. I cast out my chronie again
and within 5 minutes we replay the previous scene.
This fish comes in too, but several others that
evening were long line released. A great way to start
a fishing trip.
The next day was clear and hot with very little wind
to speak of. I hit the water cat 9am and things
started slow until 10 am when the bite came on strong
and over the next 3 hours about 15 fish were hooked,
the biggest being 22" or 5 lbs. All fish were fooled
with my special chironomid patterns I have developed
just for Stump Lake. See picture. In the late
afternoon evening the wind came up a bit and that
removed most anglers as the fishing slowed down too.
I decided to tough it out and see if any patterns
could defeat these tight lipped fish. You see, Stump
lake is notorious for going off the bite and nobody
does well when these fish seem to vanish. I had a
hunch that a certain small beadhead microleech in red
would entice some action. I switched to full sink line
and tied on the fly and trolled slow and steady. Wham!
a fish hit hard and was screaming line out. A
beautifull 22" came to the net minutes later. I casted
out again and another fish smoked the fly minutes
later, a nice 20" fish. By this time dark was drawing
near so I called it a day and what a day!
The next day was a touch slower but still produced
about 8 or 9 fish up to 22".
Tight lines all and remember to properly resusitate
your fish when releasing it. Dropping it into the
water and watching it float upside down is not
acceptable like a certain flyangler I saw at Stump.

Brian McKinlay-Silversides Fishing Adventures

Fishing forum > Fly fishing at Stump lake


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