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deep six

The major tide changes of the last week or so has really made for some great fishing outside of Flora Isle (south end of Hornby). Every trip we have made out to that area has resulted in some very nice catches, averaging in the 23 lb range. With the amount of bait this whole area is showing (from Chrome Island to the open Strait) we should see good numbers of migrating fish staying and feeding here again this year. At the low slack late yesterday afternoon we ventured much farther out into Georgia Strait than we normally do (about 1 1/2 miles) both boats we had out were completely surrounded by large schools of 2" herring the whole time. Although we had no hook-ups that far out, it was nice to see the herring returning to historic levels . After heading back to fish the reefs around Flora it wasn't long before the fish started hitting again. Most of the hook-ups are taking place about an hour before and up to two hours after the low slack. The larger fish seem to like a 5 1/2 ft leader or longer with a slower than normal trolling speed. We have been have great success with a 5" silver and lime green Coyote spoon trolled behind a # 10 Abe'N'Al silver prism flasher and an Army Truck Coyote behind the new Hotspot Plaid flasher. Tribune Bay is producing some nice fish in and around the buoy with most fish hitting around 66-75 Ft and at the same time the fish at Flora seem to be feeding. Although there have been about the same numbers of fish being caught at Tribune, most of the larger fish seem to be hanging around the outside the south end of Flora. It is shaping up to be another great season in this neck of the woods and with some Coho being seen feeding off of Norris rocks, we can start running some surface lines with some light tackle to battle these feisty fish.....for angling info or charters give us a call at 1-800-577-6966 or 25 hr pager at 250)954-6500.. check out our website at .. ..see you on the water....

nice fish, i hope you released it.

No need to release Spring Salmon-their populations are in fact at an all time high with record returns expected this year.
bug pumper

I'm sure he kept it, what with his fingers in its gills and he's holding it up by the gills. Nice spring. BP
bug pumper

rod breaker, even nicer fish! Too bad the sun was behind you, must have been a great day.

its such a shame to see people holding fish up by the gills. Im sure when they were young, they were taught that its ok to do, so they do it now not thinking about how it would feel if they were the fish. I hope more people would just realize that fish need to be treated more geltle, just like people.
deer hunter

The fish is dead you moron.Its eyes are looking straight out;if it was still alive its eyes would be looking down and it would be flippin all over.Did you release it...HHHAAA!
deer hunter


deer hunter, ...

nice spring rodbreaker. sure is nice to see success like that. i haven't been fishing the chuck since 1998 at tofino. lots of springs there but coho were closed to fishing. tons of bait like needlefish swimming around.
bug pumper

hahahahaha, god I'm splitting my gut from laughing so hard. Anonymouss I think you were serious were'nt you? I think you had good intentions. Yes a person shouldn't hold a fish by the gills if they were intending to release it. But that one was obviously dead. If a fisher is poseing with a live fish they will hold it under the belly with one hand and by the tail with the other. Some nuts from fishing shows in central canada hold thier fish by the gills, but those morons vote Liberal mindlessly every year too!

no your right, i didnt realize it was dead. But you see where im comming from right.
bug pumper

yes, I do.
deep six

yes that fish was killed and bled before it was boated....and yes chinook returns so far this year , especially on WCVI are amazing......sockeye are in BIG time in Alberni......another record run this year......just returned from a two day ucluelet trip out to the twenty mile and it was non stop action....caught and released close to fifteen nice sized halibut and endless numbers of springs and some sockeye......area around denman and hornby (deep bay) keeps producing nice sized springs up to 28, lbs this week......bait all over the place........

Sounds good i live soth of hornby and im still itchin for my first spring of the year! First i need a new fishfinder(old one broke)

Fishing forum > Area report for mid-Vancouver Island,east coast


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