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I'm planning a trip over to Tunkwa on the june 17 weekend, just wanted to know if it truly is a quality lake? decent sized fish? and of course good fishing? any info will be appreciated thank you.

probably the most recognized lake in bc. Yes you can expect to hook up to a big fish and yes lots of fish in the lake. It is also a busy lake especially on the weekend. One of the best chironomid fishing lakes in my opinion, as the lake is known for some of the biggest hatches around with some huge bombers coming off when the conditions are right..

nice rainbow!

that was caught on a flyrod?

I am going way back in the memory banks on this one, but I seem to remember seeing a fly fishing show featuring Tunkwa. As I remember, it is stocked the a strain of fish called "Gerard" rainbows, the gerard rainbows feed on shiners and get very big and aggressive. I think if you do the research, your will find shiner patterns are good for tunkwa so best have an ample supply on hand for these fiesty fish!

good luck
hawg hunter

Tunkwa is a great spot to fish. As mentioned above it can get quite busy but I have yet to find it "too" busy. I have found "my" yellow and brown damsels to be a killer in this lake as well as small muddler minnows. I guess this "gerard" strain as mentioned take a "shining" to them. Also, the lake seems to produce fish even during the peak of summer. I have had good success in May, early August and late September early October. Good Luck

It was caught using a size 16 chironomid...if you are ever going to try chironomid fishing is at has one of the best hatches on any lakes in the interior. To catch the biggest rainbows in any lake consistantly it's chironomid fishing.

abito, ive never try'd fly fishing. I really would like to, but im scared how hard is it to do, and is it as expensive to pursue as regular gear? ive noticed you fly fish alot, what are your thoughts.

thanx alot guys, abito, i have just recently started chironomid fishing, what colors and sizes are a good bet at Tunka, thanx.
The Yak

Dude ... its a huge can of worms i tell ya... but worth every penny IMHO.

You can get set up for as little as 300 bucks ( for something decent ) with all you need to get into some nice trout fishing and the prices go up from there. ( that's rod, reel, backing, line, leader, extra tippet, flies ) Am i missing anything guys?....

Then after you are hooked on fly fishing and all your other rods now have a fine layer of dust on them, then you'll want to start tying your own flies and then there's another 300 bucks to get going... IT NEVER ENDS I TELL YA!!!!!!

Later you will want to start targetting fish with just a dry fly and want to buy a rod for that... something like a 3 weight to go with your 5 or 6 you bought before.... and then it'll be salmon and steelhead... you'll probably want an 8 weight... after all that you will retire to the Bahamas, buy a boat and want at least a 12 weight for big game Sailfish, Tuna or Tarpon....

Like I said.... IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy your shopping.


the Yak AAAAaaaaa so discriptive, nice!
We'll see, we'll see.

Fly fishing can get costly for sure...especially if you are me. But it's my passion so i don't mind spending a few bucks on equipment. If you are deciding you take it up make sure to take casting lessons. And lots of practice and more practice. and them some.
Another thing is good equipment can make loads of difference..always recommend to buy the best equipment you can afford. A good rod can make a huge difference in your casting.
Sawmill some good chironomids at tunkwa is the Redbutt, bloodworms,snow cone,and my personal fly ofcourse(still got to name it) basically any chironomid pattern seems to work there. But whats so great about chironomid fishing is that there is not rules to what colours and such. You can tie basically any combination of colours to develope anything you want.
I generally fish size 14-16s but just pump a few fish and see what size they are feeding on. When the bomber start hatching make sure you have some bigger sizes even up to a size 8.

thanx alot abito, your input is appreciated. I'll give ya the full scale report when i get back. I cant wait to go there, ive been lookin forward to it for a while now.

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