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where is this?

Um... You cant keep Capilano hatchery steelhead. Well done.
Drift max

summer run steelhead the river gets a couple poor little pin cusion tho. Im sure that fish has been flossed from the cable pool many many times.
stink finger

if your releasing it why the hell do you drag it out of the water people like you need to find a new hobby pure ignorance
sharphooks moderator

go easy on him. assuming he is quickly posing for a picture at least he is holding the fish correctly.

his hand looks behind the gills and he doesn't apeear to be squeezing very hard. looks very much the same as the fish you are holding in the photo on your profile.
maybe you have caught enough fish that you do not take photos ( i rarely do myself ) but others haven't. depending how he netted/landed it the fish should have been fine the way he held it. i am totally for proper c+r but let's not go overboard.

Wow some of you guys are unbelievable. There is no way he can harm the fish if he holds it like that. Do you guys have any idea what a fish goes through in its life span? Him holding it for a pic does nothing to it. When you hold a new born baby, are you harming it? No. Stop hating on the guys that post pictures on Sharphooks. Another example is when you "catch and release experts" start commenting on Mrgrey's photo of him holding the chum salmon. Just stop.

Good luck trying to hold a LIVE steelhead that size vertically without the thumb in the gill to anchor the grip and not having it slip off.

or u can lose ur ego and take some good advices to become a better fisherman and handle fish in a safe manner. oh wait that sounds too logical.

So you guys actually study the picture to see ALL OF THE FAULTS so you can let him know that? The fish hasn't been hurt and it cant be hurt just by holding it.... Admire the picture and move on.

quit your damn arguing.
we need to be united in our interest if fishing.
there are enough people against our passion as it is, there's no need to fight amongst ourselves.

and for all we know, that fish is doomed anyway and was probably netted and killed by the indians already.

i keep no fish and practice 100% c&r whenever i can.
and before someone feels the need to pipe in and bitch about my avatar, sometimes i'm fishing with people who love fish.
i'll keep some when company really wants them.
but overall, especially when i'm fishing alone, all my fish go right back in.
but still, i don't feel the need to bitch at people for killing their limit every single time they go out.
i may not agree with it, but my two cents isn't required.

i keep seeing comments about holding the fish vertically. the fish is horizontal for christs sake.
as per a couple of posts, lighten up. if he is not holding it perfectly it is dammed close and his fingers are not in the gills. the fish would have lived unless the method of landing killed it (ie dragging it up on the rocks etc ).
i agree that i would prefer to see the photo of the fish still in the water but........

cagey, he changed the pic.

beak, i only saw the one photo that is shown now. if he held it vertically i agree with you. WRONG he should be hanged or something.
dumptruck, i think you need to look at the photo again. turn it so his knees are on the ground......presto, the fish is being held horizontally. can you not see what i am looking at. he is holding it exactly the same as you are holding your fish, horizontally to the ground .

i love this site!!

The pic I see, hes holding the head of the fish by his shoulder and the tail by his crotch. Hes standing on a staircase and the picture is sideways. But when i checked in at one point yesterday there was a pic where he was holding it like dumptrucks fish. Try pressing the refresh button maybe? Sometimes my computer doesn't automatically update without a manual refesh....

wow! way to lose all credibility by changing the picture, then claiming its the original. so pathetic. this is why i keep coming back to this site. pure comedy.

the original pic has him holding the fish vertically with the fish pointing straight up in the air. if there was nothing wrong with it, why bother changing it and denying it?

i stand by the points i made. when you hold the fish straight up like that, u either have to put a lot of pressure on the head or stick one finger into the gill to anchor that grip so the fish doesn't slip down (hello, gravity?). this sucks for the fish, especially an endangered summer run that is ready to do its business. learn to handle fish correctly instead of showing ur ignorance.

never saw the photo you are talking about. while i totally agree with mr grey1 's post i also agree that holding an illegal fish vertically by the gills is not acceptable. while i hate to agree with beak i accept what he says. he is a jerk but he has credibility ! (yes i actually respect what you say aat times !) so i have to assume the picture was changed before i saw it. lets end the sicussion here. if he is guilty so be it. denying guilt or further chastising him will do no good .
if he is wrong it is totally irresponsible. if not then the "protectors" need their eyes examamined !
sharphooks moderator

i see. europuma, you should know better than that. not only are you holding it by the gills, and vetically, you definitely took more than one "quick picture" .i am afraid i do not blame these members for getting after you. shame !
sharphooks moderator

holding it vertically like that is supposed to be very hard on their spine so even if you do not stick your finger in the gills you are hurting the fish. and from the photos i see you took more than one photo........afraid you can't claim innocence. learn from this mistake don't deny it.

way to destroy a thread.
it was "steelhead", not proper fish-handling.

all ya's gota do is leave the mofo in the water take the damn hook out n release it.problem solved eh' .

Well, I jumped in late on this one but I was thinking it looked like a which hunt. Then I saw the original pic..I hate to say it but you hit the nail on the head Dump truck.

europuma...nice fish

nice fish...nothing else....cheers

seems that a link was deleted from this thread shining a little light on the truth bout this poor fish... don't know why tho. if it was to stop more bashing on the poster of this thread then why do we have all the rest on here still. bottom line the fish in the picture was killed! not from mis handling but actually bonked.

reporting something that can't be proved dosen't do us much good other than put this individual on just about everyones radar, which is fine by me as we all have our duty to keep our fishing sustainable. if we had more "watchdogs" fish like this will have a chance in the future. Just to be clear i'm not stirring up the pot so to speak just trying to shed some light on actions on our rivers and how important it is that we as a whole take responsibilty for anglers around us. pleading ignorance is no excuse for any wrong killing.
sharphooks moderator

i tried the link and it did not work so deleted it. must have been my computor (skills). my thought was " this is sharphooks, not fishinwithrod." why not just say what was to be said, as you have.
i totally agree that if this is true, such behaviour should be exposed.

All anglers are responsible to know fish ID, regs and handling BEFORE heading to a river. Others have said it but claiming ignorance is not a valid excuse. It is lazy, disrespectful and there is no place for it with today's depleted fishing resources.
The internet doesn't help with people so focused on taking a hero (or in this case zero) shot so that they can get accolades on the forums. "Nice fish" is not worth removing a spawner from the system. I work in fisheries (habitat restoration) and guys like this make me sick.

this stemmed from FWR you idiot! they would love it if you decided to go there from now on, looks like most of em have been looking for you anyway hahaha it was there that you were ratted after you sent someone a msg saying you bonked that fish. the guy claims he still has the msg!
sharphooks moderator

in no way am i defending europuma but unless some sort of proof
comes forward this is only an accusation, unproven. let's end discussion with the following:
as for europuma, i am throughly unimpressed by this whole mess. you make yourself out as a skilled fisherman. your disability is no excuse for this. shame on you.

what got me started on replying to the this thread.

He killed it, he told me, I have proof of the message. Honestly can't stand the whole "it was a hatchery so I thought I could kill it" excuse. Clowns like this are ruining the fishery on not only the Vedder, but on smaller systems too. He's a nice guy and all but just can't stand this. At this point I don't care if he sees this. this was said by a guy named BCfisherman97 on FWR.

i assume you know this guy europuma, and from his lack of caring about you tells me something like this may have happened before.

back to some real steel

See ya later europuma, try C&R sometimes eh! Looks like you keep everything you catch!

maybe this thread should be deleted by the moderator..such childish behavior and comments.


i think this post is fine... if anything it's a point of reference on what has occured and where. we just gotta move foward as it now seems pride has finally taken the back seat and we can start talkin fishing again.
SteelheadMike I was at the quatse when there was no fish caught all week i'm sure you remember that week, only thing i touched was a seal in the lower lol tho i did end up finding new water ie clay banks

I think the most damning fact is that europuma attempted to hide the facts and lie his way out of everything.everyone makes mistakes, admitting you made a huge one right off the bat instead of changing stories and photos would have been a big step in the right direction. Hes been ripped appart on this forum, (im sure most would say not nearly enough...)and now its caught the attention of others on FWR so its getting much more attention now. europuma.. go ahead and join FWR im sure you will enjoy their replys and views of anything you had to say and post ..If all goes well I guess we wont see you again

on a fishy note.. I 2nd that dumptruck what a hog bert!!

"I don't give a fuck about this site but I want to know who you are. U know me?

Plus I'm DONE on this site fucking bullshit"

"nah im gonna stay on this site"

lol what a joke u r...


Thanks for proving my point Alan.

actually it is lol... i know u have a problem with hearing, but surely u can still read?

nice, got my entertainment for the evening

And taht, boys, is how to catch a poacher... lol...

i hate poachers, especially when they lie.

no i'm right. u could have owned up months ago instead of lying. it took some drastic measures to get u to admit the truth.

ya ok, keep running ur mouth like that. kind of dumb when ur pic and name are in public view.... ur sorry because u got caught and cant take the heat anymore. if ur concerned about the fish, u would have apologized months ago when we pointed out.

I agree. europuma it's too late for "sorry" tell that to the fish

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