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I was fishing for a couple of hours and when i got there i found this, someone caught these and just left them there, first of all i didnt even no this place had Carp and even that big

that is just plain stupid. so much for sportfishing etticate!

Yup pretty stupid why catch fish kill them and leave them there stupid people i would say
The Yak

ok... for the record... i would have put them back in the lake.... but... Carp are not a species that is indigenous to our waters. A lot of people believe that they compete for the same food supplies that our native species eat and therefore threaten their survival. BUT,... in Latimer lake there is no out flow, there are no native species and all the fish that are in the lake have been put there by Fisheries, or and illegal "bucket brigade"..

If i would have caught them in the Pitt system or any lake stream or river that leads to other places that have native stocks of wild fish i would have killed them too.. that goes for Bass and Perch as well...

I see your point but that also means that if you steel my food I can kill you then just kidding you have a good point YAK.

I went there again this afternoon and I saw a very disturbing site.

There is lots of ducks there with there young new born chicks and some asshole kids probably around there mid 20's throwing rocks at the babies and killed one of them if i was with a few other people they would have gotten beat into the ground I was by myself so I couldnt do much.

The only time I didnt bring my digital I would have taken there picture and reported them


Jerks in their mid 20's are not kids !

well its CHILDESH i would say so yes KIDS how about COWARDLY also that stuff pisses me off


did you catch anything?

i had a couple of bites but i didnt get to see anything

it doesn't take long for latimer pond to get fished out real quick. go on a saturday and it is a zooo!

i was there saturday and sunday there wasnt that many people includeing myself there was around 7 people today i was useing corn and caught 3 rainbow trout around 10-12 inches and caught a cat fish around 14 inches or so those fish there just love corn i had bites all day long but wasnt fast enough to set the hook or i wasnt paying attention but it was fun it got Stocked April 20 with 650 rainbows i called the hatchery on friday

How big were those carp (cant tell by the picture)?

one was really fat and long i would say close to 8 pounds and the other one was around maybe 5 pounds i hooked into a big one there this morning it had to be a good 9 or 10 pounds and faught pretty good just kept running on me then went into these thick weeds and it broke off then it started to poor rain out so i went home might go back later on if it gets nice out i also caught a rainbow and a cutty this morning all useing corn

hi fishfreak, sounded like you had a good time on sunday. I have a couple of questions. First , where's latimer lake? were you fishing from shore or boat? Is the carp there keepable ? if they are, are they safe to eat? thanks.

i was there this morning and i caught 3 rainbows in about half an hour useing power bait as for location its in brooks wood you go up 200th street all the way up to i think its 28th ave ? i cant remember go staright all the way and there is parking on the side of the road then you walk thro-ugh the trails and you will see the lake i most people fish from shore the carp look decent i wouldnt eat a carp if someone paid me but thats just me maybe someone that readsa this will say if its on 28th or not


thanks fishfreak

Fishing forum > Latimer lake this morning


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