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deer hunter

anyone know if scale bar can be bar fished for springs right now or is there to many bottom bouncers there?I only been there during sockeye run.As well any info on Hunter cr.,Jones cr., or the Coq. mouth in regards to bar fishin would been helpful;Ive got 4 days off to roam around up there.
The Yak

i was up above the Stave river bridge on the Fraser fishing for Sturgeon yesterday and there is a TON of crap in the river right now and we had to use 16oz weights to hold our bait in place. If you have the gear to chuck huge weight like that you might be OK..
dirty chum

Yak, what type of reel are you looking at to throw 16oz?

i was using my buddies gear so im not quite sure but it looked kinda like this one...
dirty chum

I have an Abu 65000. Do you think that could handle 16oz'er?
deer hunter

Ive got a 11ft. ugly stick,18 ounce leads and 6/0 gamakatsu hook on 50 lbs leader and 80 lbs tuff line.Then its on a new daiwa m-1 mooching reel.Im set for anything i would think.
deer hunter

I just heard from berry's baits that 5 springs were takin near hope. 3 on bar fishing and 2 bottom bouncing but he just said near hope. smallest was 16 lbs and biggest was 33 lbs.
deer hunter

I just heard from berry's baits that 5 springs were takin near hope. 3 on bar fishing and 2 bottom bouncing but he just said near hope. smallest was 16 lbs and biggest was 33 lbs.

so bottom bouncing works on springs?? as long as you have a short leader (close to the bottom) im guessing? going this weekend and wondering what bars people are fishing at these days since the river is high.. i usually fish at jones laidlaw area bar but im guessing that little island is flooded and hard to get too.. can anybody help me out.
deer hunter

yeah, i think they were using short leaders but you never know they could have been trying to floss them.
salmon assasin

if the clarity is bad use long leader (12 ft)
dirty chum

Any advice on the reel?

SS, whats your terminal gear? Are you using a spin-n-glo or wool?

Are you suggesting people target the early springs by flossing them with wool or are you bottom bouncing spin-n-glo's?


salmon assasin

gooey it was a joke, I dont belive in flossing springs however i do floss sockeye and find it quite enjoyable. For springs I use a abu garcia 6500 load it up with 20 lb maxima ultra green and an 10 and a half foot abu garcia rod. I usually plunk spin and glows however bottom bouncing roe can work well too when there is less current and better visabillity. Right now i would probly use a spin and glow. punch a hole in the wing maybe bend it a bit and it will sound like the forth of july in the states under water. Another good option would be to chuck spoons at the creek mouths like coquihalla and yale seem to work the best. bottom bouncing row in these areas would also be quite effective.

tight lines,
salmon assasin
bug pumper

Hmmmm... I always assumed people were flossing them the same as in sockey season. Meaning long 10ft plus leaders. I caught plenty this way in soc season.
salmon assasin

i am sur e alot of people do floss them i have caught em flossed during sockeye season to but i usually use a 3 foot leader when its not sockeye season and i think using a 3 feet is a bit to short to floss any ways

tight lines,
salmon assasin
Dynamite kid

Actually ,using a short leader is just a less effective form of flossing them.Bar fish or fish creek mouths with clearer water if you wish to hook them fair.If the flossing keeps up during the whole salmon season it will soon cause regs to be put into effect that will effect us during the sockeye opening(3 ft leader).Resist the dark side of fishing .

I agree, we seem to be getting away with "murder" in terms of flossing/snagging socs and the occasional spring...I would hate to have that fishery curtailed because people are out there flossing the early run of springs with long leaders.

I thought the long leaders made the "lure", or hook float too high for springs. Arent they on the bottom?
bug pumper

no, it doesnt. the whole thing sticks to the bottom.

Be a real fisherman, bar fish for them or go to a clean trib mouth and cast spoons/spinners or floatfish bait or artificials.
Sturgeon Rider

No flossing!!!!!Hookem in the mouth.Tsk Tsk!

hey deer hunter, fishing with 50 pound leader and 80 pound main line is not a sport!! Why dont you just use steel cable and drag fish up on the beach . what a joke!!

He might as well bottom snag for them, the only thing missing is a gill net

Whine whine whine. You anti-bottom bouncers are full of s***. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. IT's all LEGAL and just FINE.

... Marshal, flossing technically is illegal. Those fish dont bite they are snagged, hence flossing is illegal. Currently the DFO over looks the floss/snag fishery of fraser socs...for now.

Last year there was talk of putting a leader length restriction in place on the fraser and it was from beaks trying to floss springs on 10+ foot leaders.

The springs bite...they should be fished for appropriately.

Socs dont bite and theres 4-12 million of them depending on the year so DFO lets us get away with snagging em...don't fool yourself tho, flossing is snagging we just get the hook close enough to the mouth to get away with it.

By the why I love soc season, I floss em just like the guy next to me. Targetting springs by flossing is a different story!

Ok it seems like all the threads have the same agruement going on them, just let it be and lets get back to what this thread is asking. So has anyone been bar fishing and if so how'd you do?

Fishing guides mentioned that fishing was slow, but lots of springs on fish finders. The best thing is to use very large sliver or green spin-n-glows with holes in the wings to generate more noise and vibration.

Tight lines!

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