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Is there any fish in there right now or is that river closed ?
salmon assasin

maybe you should look in the regs yourself and look at sts guiding's fishing report
as much as I love to help people you ask the stupidist questions not to mention you ask half of them on this board
bug pumper

tsk,tsk, not nice.

Well sorry if i pissed in your cereal this morning first of all if you dont like it dont say anything, and if i was perfect then i wouldnt have to ask questions on here, so if i ask stupid questions why are you on here answering them the reason i didnt look on i didnt know about it so next time i have a stupid question to ask i will just ask you since you love answering to them.....

DICK HEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah i forgot one thing i also started a topic called TROUT ? can you please reply on that one so i can here what other bull shit you have to say Thank you have a nice day

Bug Pumper and I were just talking this morning about how there seems to be a lot of young posters on the site...the immaturity of Salmon Ass (sort for Salmon Assisin) last post seems to indicate that he is one of them (nothing against the younger members as a group).

DWG made a post regarding the Cap not too long ago: Just yesterday I released 5 (coho) well over 15lbs...

It was obvious from the thread's title (HAHAHA...coho in the cap) right thru to the fictional report that the whole string was a joke!

No one critised you for believing the string and then asking what I think YOU would call a stupid question: "dwg are you getting them in the river or at the mouth?".

I am sure that there are tricks a young fisherman can teach me (especially for trout fishing) and I know there is a lot of good info I can share with others based on my experiences so lets keep this board friendly and open so we all can benefit as much as possible from each other!

if someone needs the fish regulations they are available at local tackle shops. since you live in langley fishfreak you can try gills tackle off the bypass and 198th and the armynavy store in langley mall. its important to be uptodate. hope this helps!

gooey, i am a young poster (15), and from viewing and beings a member of this forum for several months i am quite sure that the younger posters are just a fraction of the "bullshit" going around.
salmon assasin

Your right Gooey I am a "younger poster" same age as steelheader and did not mean to give the wrong impression (woke up late for school this morning)I am sorry your not perfect like me thought fish freak the reason I awnsered your queston is because vic's website helped me alot and I used to ask stupider question and was kinda grumpy
my appolagies

appology is accepted man no hard feelings were all in this forum for the same reason
The Yak

wow... that was an interesting thread....
bug pumper

Awwww, didn't that end really sweet. You can feel the love. LOL.
hawg hunter

Somebody hold me....
Good to see we can sort things out. Not like some of the other forums out there. Good work Men.

so did anyone actually answer his question?heheheh!


Just in case there is something you guys dont know about fishing, women, cars and how much beer you can drink just ask somebody who is 16. They've already been there and done it many times over. We must cherish our young people as they really can teach us so much. Thanks guys. By the way i like the N on the back of your mom's car. Bertoli
Lucky Fisherman

I wish I was 16 again

Its Better to ask, there are no stupid questins. But being lazy sometimes is no excuse! To answer your question yes there are fish around.

Fishing forum > Harrison River ?


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