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i noticed some people fishing some of the slower moving side stream pool part of the vedder by the camp ground, the very slow moving part of the river that you cross through to get to the main river, they were fishing where it meets the main river almost, there were a ton of fish flapping around and alot of dead ones, my question is, is that there spawning grounds? do they go to that slower area to spawn, and if so then ovbiously it is extremely unethical but is it not illegal to fish that part of the river? the people were fishing just where it met the main river but still

unfortunately thats the mindset of most people on lower mainland rivers today . they have zero ethics or care for rivers and fish. Thats why they are called beaks


Ah, that explains wonderful is on his " . "

yeah well i walked over after they left to see the pool and i assumed it was a spawning ground, not entirely sure, maybe they were fishing slightly up stream i was a ways away, my main question was just if those slow moving side pools were where they liked to spawn

You have probably observed this specific area more than anyone else here. You seem reasonably convinced this is their spawning ground, so you're probably right. One of the "grey-beards" on here might have something else to share more specific, but your logic seems sound to me.

I guess at the end of the day it just depends where you draw your "line". Is it ethical to fish them anywhere but their spawning grounds? Others that have the geographical luxury of fishing them during early leg of the journey, may think retaining once they are more than halfway up their tributary, is shady. That is a personal opinion and many of us will vary on that. For some people a catch is a catch, for many that fish the salt, river fishing for salmon period, is likely subject to scrutiny by many. As long as you are at the very least following the rules and regs (unfortunately) you are probably doing better than most. In the Okanagan, during Kokanee spawn season you are not allowed to retain fish within 50 yards of the shoreline. You would have to check the regs on this specific portion of the Vedder to be sure.

Sorry, I just don't see a concrete tangible answer to your questions...

The Chehalis and the Stave Rivers have more man-controlled spawning channels, and are legally off-limits to fishing for very good reason. The "Cheddar" has basically the same thing, but are not really man-controlled....but that's the only difference, as they should probably NOT be fished - if the water is only a couple feet deep and real slow and only old fish then not a good/ethical place to fish.

Fishing forum > spawning grounds vedder


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