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Hey guys I was wondering if the bears on the Vedder and chehalis are asleep now?

Chehalis canyon down the actual forest service road will still have a good amount especially with the milder winter there trying to bulk up as much as possible before hibernation. I also saw tracks at the campground spot on the vedder, lots of chum and dead ones lying around for them to eat

not even close.
in the interior, up high where i'm hunting and there's snow, the bears are still out.

X 2 that they are indeed still out......dogs chased a couple out of the yard again lastnight, lol.....I love my dogs

Man, I hope you have big nasty dogs...

My hounds would more likely try to play with it.

they try and play with the deer the dumb oafs....been close a couple times to stompin hoofs but always been able to intervene in time thankfully....2yr old and 10 yr old pitbulls.....and 5 cats....and a ferret, friggin zoo, lol

what are you still doing home mzmann?
my dogs are quite used to bears and seem smart enough to just bark and retreat !
mine are both choc labs weighing 90 pounds plus. they protect the 5 cats from all the bears and coyotes.
i have a buddy lives not far from you msmann. he has lots of deer and bears as well. too close to houses etc. too bad. where i live is where they belong .

came back after 10days for the next 2-3weeks as apparently my body/mind didn't agree with the anti malarial tablets I was at home for next bit until it flushes out of my system then will head back again....word to the wise for anyone ever having to take anti malaria pills for travel to certain countries.....stay away from Lariam (Mefloquine)....can really mess with ones mind in a bad way.
little jensen

Sure hope your all right mrgrey did the bear get the fish

don't worry little jensen. with a brute like that after him he could run faster than the speed of sound. besides, no self respecting bear would eat a tough old goat like mr grey1 !

for those of you that fish the shuswap, about 3 years ago mamma grizly and her 3 cubs came down for a drink at the corner hole (at the ballpark, downstream from the slidehole). i wasn't there that day but i gather it was quite a site seeing all of the fishermen running for their lives. fortunately the old girl stayed on the other side! there used to be an old black bear sow would bring her cubs down almost every morning to the slide hole but she always stayed over on the other shore so was no threat to us, just a bit of entertainment.

definitely you would have a good supply!!!

i was not being nasty1 i meant if a bear was chasing you, you would definitely fill your pants , and so would anyone! just kidding with you .

Bears are not asleep!!! While walking my dog this morning, my dog chased a black bear out of our garden in the coquitlam area.

why would they even sleep dpwn there!
yes, mt grey1, grizzlies can be exciting. i had an old sow 25 yards from me. luckily her cub came running by and she followed. her intention had been to eat me i think. man did i run fast for 1/4 mile to my truck once she turned away from me! love to see them from a distance. up close is not fun .

wow.......scary !
i saw one 3 k's down the road from my place last january. he crossed the road in front of me about 300 yds away then stood there. my dogs went nuts when i got 75 yds away then he was gone. beautiful animal but dangerous. when i first moved out to the country one ate the neighbours cats right outside her back door then was trying to get in the house. she was new out here as well so did not know anyone. finally she remembered the neighbours name across the road. he came over without a gun thinking sure lady . he went behind her trailor and suddenly he was face to face with it. he phoned the next neighbour who came over and shot it. all this while poor alf was pinned against the wall of the trailor with the cat 10 feet away staring back ! next time he said he'd bring his gun!!!
nice fish by the way on the other thread. i have to get out fishing. i have finally said no more hunting. fishing will have to be either dinner that day or c+r as my freezer is jammed full ! good season.

bear attack today near kimberley.
and that's much more into winter than the lower mainland.
bears will still be out for awhile i'm guessing.

the conservation officer said it must be a griz that attacked them as the black bears are already sleeping near kimberly. who knows. why would they hibernate before the snow flies and it gets cold.
the original post was with respect to the lower mainland. i doubt they would hibernate until the salmon are finished. why sleep when your yearly food supply is available.

the co's don't know what they are talking about.
they assumed grizz because they say that the blacks should be hibernating already.
yet everyone in kimberley is seeing black bears right in town still.
how are the co's not aware of this?

Fishing forum > are the bears asleep?


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