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hi all just wondering if any one catches much with a fly rod here just got a fly rod and needed some help. any info helps. also what species other than trout live their?

Yes yu can catch trout fly fishing grn timbers ! There isn't any other species besides the odd catfish . But it is stocked regularly with Rainbow trout.

By the way if yu can get out to grn timbers in the next couple days GOOOOO.!!! Lotsa fish there right now .! And broods as well.!

How do you know if broods are in there? I checked the fishery website but it doesn't show brood stocks?

I'm new to trout fishing. What would my setup be for fishing green timbers?

How do I know I fished it 2 days ago and I caught 3 broods they released 225 4-5 days ago now .! They were being caught all around me . This will be the last time they release brood stock into green timbers lake as well. By the way Balraj very simple setup all you need is light tackle and rod with 4lbs test line at the most . Use a sliding sinker with foot or more leader with small hook with power bait ,worms ,single eggs .!

Thanks for the reply, and what is a sliding sinker? and is 8lb fine?

8 lbs will do ...a small amount of weight will do ...just make sure you have at least a foot leader .!

just like pencil weight? and with no float?

You can use a float . But I find it better off the bottom and yes pencil lead works that what I use .!

If you are using spinning gear:

1st, go as light as you can with line. 4LB is great for ponds and smaller water. 8LB is what I use in the river typically. Although if you are a newbie, 8LB is way more forgiving should you get a snag.

2nd, go to my profile and scroll down my photos to the 15th one down. There you will see a Carolina Rig. This is a very good starting point for set-up, many of us use variations of this especially for bottom fishing. You can float it too, but most times I have better luck using it on the bottom. With the slip weight the fish doesn't feel it until it is too late. Also using bait that floats is helpful as it will get it just a little off the bottom and offer good presentation for the fish.

Good luck and report back...

Okay,maybe this time I will try 8 lb. so I just put on pencil weight then a swivel and a small hook with worm or powerbait?

There is a clear photo diagram. I use worm/bullet slip weights, others use egg shaped ones. They are cheap, grab some from Crappy Tire...

Do I have to use a glass bead? so just some bullet slip weight, then a swivel and a small hook and a worm. With a foot leader.

No glass is not required. But using a bead helps protect you line from abrasion or getting pinched and severed or weakened where the weight slides down and hits the swivel. I have run out of beads while fishing and retied without. But you have to check your line often or it could be weakened and let go when you finally get a fish on. Powerbait or worm are common, but think outside the box too, at a certain lake near me nothing seemed to work unless there was a piece of mini-marshmalow on there. So experiment with bait and remember the weight will sit on the bottom, so if the bait floats, it will sit up higher (hopefully) clear of the weeds and right where the fish are feeding. Beads are cheap and can be bought at tackle stores, some Canadian Tire stores and likely cheapest at craft stores like Michael's...

yo balraj by the time u get ur rig set up all them broodies be gone.been out their last 2 days with my fly rod had lots of fun catchin n releasing but i saw alot of em been bonked n taken get out there before them fish are all gone.

Ya, I've been to busy hunting lately.

is this lake still producing?
thinking about going tomorrow with some deli shrimp.
sharphooks moderator

buckmaster, there is a thread started by fishslayer dated december 3/12 under the heading green timbers lake. you might want to read it to get your answer. in the future why not at least look on the front page of the forum to see if there is anything recent on topic.

ps based on fishslayer's report you might want to get down there as planeed. let everyone know how you do !

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