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Does it make sense to go saltwater fishing at this time of the year? I have a buddy who is coming to Vancouver and I was thinking to take him for a saltwater trip.
salmon assasin

um its alright now for feeders and the occasionall early mature spring but the fish are pretty scattered.If he can cast a level wind or a fly i would say go to the vedder.

In fact April and May are the two of the best months of the year.
Fishing off the South end of Bowen Island has been HOT for the past week and will only get better.
salmon assasin

I dont know what your talking about feeders are coming to an end and bowen isnt realy a hot spot for mature fish returning to the fraser were kind of coming into a slump for saltwater fishing but it will start to get hot in a month or so with mature fish. Thraser rock might be a good bet though if the wind isnt to bad.

"bowen isnt realy a hot spot for mature fish returning to the fraser were kind of coming into a slump for saltwater fishing but it will start to get hot in a month or so with mature fish"

The mature fish are there now!!!!
Every day somebody takes a fish over 20 pounds and have been for 2 weeks now!

Easy pal, I agree that its pointless to give input on a subject that Salmon Assasin may or may not know everything about, but lets keep it friendly...maybe you can help the lot of us so don't spoil it with the sarcasm!

PS - Whats your beef the "Crapilano"...its a GREAT fishery.
The Yak

maybe you should log in too or sign up for an account before spouting the sarcasam... Bad Karma dude..

I just made a comment about keeping it friendly...after an other fishing board got too snappy with the average posting I stopped using it as much...I hope we could all be a little more cordial and have a better community here.

Anyways, what are you talking about Yak, I am registered and "gooi" is the nickname I go by. I don't think anyone here is using their full name on a posting so what more would you like from me?
The Yak

I was refering to Anonymous's post.. not yours ... im with you on this one..

The trouble with anonymous postings is that anyone can pretend to be anyone or anything.
Also a registered name on this format shows up the same as 'anonymous'-no indication of who's real and who's anonymous.

Anonymous, if you have good experience to share, it will be beneficial for all of us, including myself, to have you here regulary. And you don't have to be aggressive to receive credits.

It takes a lifetime to master sport fishing and let's make this journey an enjoyable one.

BTW, I like your illustrations
salmon assasin

Anonymous are you kidding !april and may being the best months there just alright. Nothing comparable to July and august for they are far supperior. September and October are realy hot aswell, and as for the capilano retturning home from the gulf islands after limitting out on springs I commonly see coho jumping at the mouth and was wondering if they are targetable on the FLY.O ya and in responce to your question when was the last time you were in a boat smaller than a ferry hows last weekend for ya? crossed the strait to thrasher rock it was pretty slow though. Now its my turn to ask you when was the last time you were in a boat smaller than a ferry?

here are some links to saltwater fishing reports around vancouver:

sure ain't cheap taking ferries anymore. i sometimes take the horshoe bay to langdale ferry to fish near gibsons. the return trip is free!!!.make it worthwhile for me.

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