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I keep hearing controversial comments about folding Porta-Bote. While there are many supporters who basically quote most of what is already mentioned on manufacture's site, some owners say it feels unsecure on the water due to flex body as well as some fly fishermen say it is hard to keep it stable - even light wind causes a lot of movement. And finally, it feels it can be easily flipped over.

Personally, I like the idea. On a boat show here in Vancouver I even had a chance to look at it closer. Price tag seems to be a little too high ($3K or so).

I would never buy a boat like that if it cost $3000. For that money I could buy a 12' aluminum w/ motor. humm lets see... over priced flimsy folding boat.... or top-of-the-line aluminum LUND w/ 9.9hp. I dont know why people buy these things, screw the concept, it sux. Buy a real boat!
For those of you who already own one of these, sell it!
(i really like my LUND)

I sell and use porta-botes all over Ontario.
As far as flipping one, nothing is impossible but I don't have a single customer who has ever upset one. I scuba dive and can verify how easy it is to pull a diver in full gear over the side. I can pull myself into a twelve foot boat ( at the front ) in full gera with no one in the boat. If you ever had the chance to use one, you would begin to see all the applications they have.
They are really as tough as the company claims. We have put them through the wringer at hunt camps etc, and they have passed with flying colors. I am a full time farmer who also sells the porta-botes. I do not believe in selling something that we have not used and abused ourselves

you know alex it is still is kind of pricey sitting at 3k. you can get alot of nice boats with motor for that kind of money.
The Yak

get a Spring Creek Pram.. there's nothng better

As an apatment dweller a folding boat does look nice for storage reasons. No place to securley park a boat at an appatment. But I am going to go with a good quality inflatable instead. Used to own a 14 ft. Metzler inflatable and had a 20hp on the back of it. great stability for fly fishing and it only took about 10 miniutes to pump up with the daul action pump.

at that price range you options are limitless for flyfishing boats. Steveston skiff and spring creek pram if you like fiberglass boats, for aluminum..harbourcraft flyfisher, shadowcraft to name a few. You can get two for the price of that boat. Seems more like a gimmick marketing to me more then substance. But that's just my opinion.


An excellent bote. I bought a second hand 12 footer with the old-style tapered stern. Very handy to stick on top of my pop-top camper and still get underheight on the ferries. Most people think it's a surf board when it is folded up. I use a 5hp Mariner, or sometimes my 1.2hp Keystone. Very stable. Standing up is no problem. The boat has a "give" feel to it, so when you stand the part your feet are on sinks a bit, but the opposite end of the boat sticks to the water and the boat flexes.

sounds flimsy to me, but could work on smaller calmer lakes.


Do you think it will be safe to use port-a-bote in Fraser?

I understand it is very light, so 6hp or so should be sufficient for this river, is it?

are you crazy man the fraser will pull you out to sea in that thing ..go buy a fibre glass oldie for the 3k price or a nice alluminum like the boys said....keepin in it gutter whalley bc!!!!!

10ft/9.9HP? 12ft/12HP/? 16ft/30HP? Lund/Harbercraft/etc.

I have had a 12 ft Porta Bote for 3 years. It's a great little boat. The flexing of the bottom and sides is one the main strengths of the craft. I have been caught out in a few storms I know that my old 12 ft alum boat would have floundered. The flex actually works against the wave action and I have worried about the its stability. As for storage I just hang it from the rafters in my overstuffed garage.

I nave worry about the stability of my Porta Bote. The last was a typo error

My Porta Bote is stable...just my typing bad ha ha

I have a 12ft porta-bote that I had for about ten years,
Yes you can stand and cast, and as for good size waves, it kind of like slices through them as the hull flexes and absorbs the energy of waves. One down side is opening it up and putting it together in very cold mornings. very hard.
but if your a young man it would be no problem, for us old guys, it's a struggle. that's why my buddy and me got our selves a john boat last year. I just have to repair a seat and give it a wash and its going on sale.

Fishing forum > Any comments about Porta-bote?


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