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check out my new boat !!
12' aluminum Lund on 8x4 box trailer
im repainting the sides because they were in rough shape.
Ill be using a fire red from Tremclad. should be sweet when done. cant wait to take it out this summer.
dirty chum

that 12'ft lund looks great! I just got myself a 14'ft springbok, but the only prob is that I have no oar's or oar locks .But i'm working on it,(notice to all that have a set lying around) what type of motor are you going to slap on that puppy?where are you planning to fish, local or are you going up for some loops trout!

dirty chum, im a lake fisher aswell as river but this boat will be going in the local lakes round here. I plan to take some trips around Whistler too. As for motor, ive placed an add for a 9.9hp whatever... just aslong as its in good shape. However not all lakes allow motors so ive got some oars to. CANT WAIT!!!

Sweet boat dude. Where did you look to find it? I've been thinking off fixing up a used Lund if I could one before this summer. Any advice (only lived in BC for 2 yrs)?



The Yak

nice looking boat now...but did you catch anything?..


troutfisher..thats an excellent job. patience always pays off.

Thank you very much. It took a while and it was hard to do because ive never done this before. But im very pleased with the outcome. I consider this a learning experiance and it will be with me forever.

Dirty chum I have a set of oar locks, but I'm sure you can find a set locally...If not, you pay freight, you can have them...Here are a few pictures of my 14' Harbercraft that had the hull completely redone...500+ rivits later, I was done...You can view pictures of the entire project started in November and was launched Thursday...Powered with a 15hp Mariner...

Michael J.

what type of water do you take your 14' harbour craft into im thinking about a 14' instead of my 12'but just wondering what my limitations would be ? (fraser river,saltwater?)
dirty chum

Hey martinman, where abouts are you?
where do they have to be shipped from?

Please E mail me at

I am from WA state and my usual spot is the Columbia River mid section...If I leave home, I'm on the water in 45 minutes tops...Great for getting away from typical fishing traffic,water and jet skiers...The downside is if you have a problem with your boat, it might become a very catastrophic problem...When I'm at the particular stretch of the river, if I see a boat, it is usually just one and it will pass by you a 1/4 mile or so away from you...Most of the time you do not see anyone or hear anything...Very addicting in this way because of the tranquility...Walleye,smallmouth, of course salmon and steelhead are the primary targets of mine...This picture is of a walleye last year in the Columbia that was 33 inches and just over 11lbs...A friend of mine was fortunate to take her down...Later, after the photo was taken, she was released...

Michael J.

Michael J., sweet fish man. must have put up a nice fight. I bet your the type of guy who fishes at least 3 times per week arent ya... comon admit it, your addicted. (as I am aswell)
So have you ever been fishing in Canada before?

Troutfisher, it was a good fish....A friend of mine was the fortunate one to catch her...At first he thought he snagged on something, as I was keeping tabs on trolling speed...I kid you not, this was his first walleye ever!...I helped rig his outfit (of course out of my supply) and 30 minutes after departing, Greg tied into this beauty...He was so thrilled...It was a good day for him...Hope that we can all have days like that...

Michael J.

thats a beaut! nice walleye. we don't have any of those in the lowermainland...hope to go up country this summer and try for some before the sockeye start running in august over here.

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