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fished buntzen today near the fish pen and power dam in my bellyboat had one bite I think I did better than a few other guys they all got skunked!!! anyone else fishin in that area??

what is the water level in buntzen?

the water level is a little high a lot of stuff in the water but there is some good activity going on up there lots of fish jumping a week or two more of good weather should really bring on the fish!!! only thing is I have never caught anything over 12 inches there I guess I have to keep on tryin I hear there are a few big ones in there??
The Yak

you've caught a 15-16 incher out of Buntzen? Im impressed... I tell you that's a trophy for that lake. I've fished there for about 15 years and only once have I pulled out something that size. I like to fish there because its a very puzzling lake . You never know what is hatching or how many you are going to catch. I once caught about 16 fish in about 2 hours there buy the pumphouse near the fish pens but none over 14 inches...

The Yak, several people told me that the North side produces much better then the busy South. Also there are some nice inlets on the East side (worth drifting some attractors with the current into the lake).

What was your experience - North (quiet) or South (where all hatchery fish is being released)?
The Yak

with Butzen I think it depends if its been stocked reciently. If not, id fish the north and east section of the lake... If it was then i would fish the south end...

So right now I would still fish the south end for about a week or two then concentrate elsewere.

And yes... I have had a lot of luck drifting things like emergers near the inlets on the esat side so give it a go for sure. especially the area just before the big rock out crop and just after it...
enjoy!... let me know how it turns out.

the yak

yeah kinda screwed up there I think the biggest fish I caught up at buntzen was probably 12 inches or so but I did talk to a guy who caught a 16 incher with a black leech pattern also small dark flatfish but I like flies they work better in the belly boat anyone tried bloodworms in there ??
Club Info

Where can I buy bloodworms?
The Yak

Any shop with fly fishing gear will have them... just ask

or tie some up yourself... they're easy...

fished buntzen yesterday, got 3 - 8 inchers try brown leech w/ a worm at the north west side of lake. good luck

Hey, vic! It would be nice of you to post a detailed report for Bunzen - North.

Yak, have you even seen live bloodworms on sale in local shops? Are there any restrictions on using them? They are one of the most popular baits in Europe for winter/spring fishing.

alex, just before the aquaduct on the east side of the lake at a depth of about 15 feet. good luck keep me posted.

Alex. I am actually volunteer-working at Finomenal Fish and aquatics at blundell center, and they sell Frozen blood worms for fish. It is a pet fish store, but you can buy the frozen packs and use it for bait. The worms are red when frozen and thawed so they are the real things. I feed this stuff to the fish everytime i go in, and they all seem to love it! im sure you can use it as bait if you can find a way to make it all stay together, like tying it in a sac or something. Anyways you just buy a big pack, keep it in the freezer, and just thaw it before you go fishing. Thawing it will turn the block of frozen blood worms into seperate worms. Blood worms are Really small seperately. I hope this helps

The Yak

test... im having problems posting here..

I remember using LIVE bloodworms for winter fishing. They were about 1 inch long and we would use 2-3 of them on a hook.

Also there is a special fishing setup to keep they look alive (similar to jigging, but small amplitude). It was a killer technique on smallmouth bass and other fish.

i used some before but i noticed they tend to die easy after a couple of casts. they are excellent bait for trout near the bottom....unfortuneatly other fish also love them as well such as bullheads and sticklebacks. please post if anybody knows where they sell the frozen bloodworms.thanx
The Yak

That picture isnt of the bloodworms i was thinking about. Im talking about bloodworms that live in the muddy bottom of lakes and then wriggle there way to the surface to hatch into an adult that looks like a mosquito but doesnt bite. In the lower mainland they rarely get over 1 inch long. in the interior they to about an inch and a half and thats it. I'll try to find a picture..
The Yak

here's one.. picture it only about 3/4 of and inch long

The blood worm is the larval stage of one species of Chironamide.
This fly fished still or very slow works good for me.
Liveing in the mud they are more available to the fish after turn over or wind storms that disturb the bottom.
This fly was tied using a swandaze body with a red seal fur dubbing loop.
fish on

Nice fly Zig-Zag!! Hey i use you every day. hehe

There is a lot to be said for a fly that is easy to tie and catches fish.
You must be smilling every day then.

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